The story of Joseph in Genesis is a most remarkable example of how the true principles of God cause prosperity (in one way or another) in the lives of men and nations, and it has been that way from the beginning. Joseph was mistreated by his kinsmen (which the Lord said would happen to those who followed Him), sold into slavery, falsely accused, and imprisoned. And yet through all of that he never uttered a word of bitterness toward God or complained about his circumstances. Even the keeper of the prison entrusted the other prisoners into Joseph’s hand for, “The Lord was with Him and that which he did the Lord made it to prosper”. The blessings that Joseph received from the Lord for his faithfulness are far too great to enumerate here. Not only were there enormous rewards in his life as he ascended to the number two man in all of Egypt, but also through his two sons who became two tribes of Israel and their descendents who eventually migrated into Europe and the new world.

Throughout history “the Lord made to prosper” individuals and nations who believed Him and lived according to His principles; men like Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Gideon, Job, David, Solomon and many others who stood against the pagan practices of human sacrifice and sexual immorality. Great societies and kingdoms were established because or their commitment to the principles of God like Israel under David and Solomon who commanded an army of over one and one half million men, the Phoenician empire of Tyre and Sidon who possessed the largest maritime fleet of ships in the world and explored the new world 2000 years before Columbus, the Carthaginian (Punic) empire of the western part of the Mediterranean Sea who’s artifacts are found all over North America and controlled far more land than the Roman Empire. And then there is the United States of America, blessed beyond imagination because it was established under Godly precepts.

The sad thing is that all of these empires fell into obscurity, without exception, when they began to accept pagan practices of human sacrifices and sexual immorality. And although modern history books do not record the successes of those nations and empires that followed the teachings of God, for whatever reason, the facts show that when the truth of God is adhered to and pagan practices are rejected, “The Lord made it to prosper”.

The Lord promises “the abundant life” and “blessings beyond our asking” to those who follow Truth and reject the temporary evil pleasure that this world offers, if they can be called pleasures at all.

God’s way is best, I will not murmur,
Although the end I may not see;
Where’er He leads I’ll meekly follow,
God’s way is best, is best for me… (God’s Way is Best)