I had a very good friend in the church I was attending several years ago who had a definite need. He explained that he had prayed about it several times and then left it in the Lord’s hands; he said the Lord knew his request and there was no need to remind Him. This would seem to be rather reasonable on the surface but… it is not Scriptural. This is the reason we must stay in His word continually, so that we do not become remiss in it’s intent and purpose for our lives. In the first verse of Luke 18, the Lord says to pray and not give up and He immediately proceeds to tell the parable of the unjust judge. A woman had come to the judge with a request. He delayed helping her but because of her persistence he finally said, “Though I fear not God, nor regard man; Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.” In verse 7 Jesus said that if this unjust judge will answer the widow’s request, how much more will the Son of God answer theirs speedily. The principals of answered prayer for our needs, wants and desires are simple and unmistakeably clear; they must be fervent, importune, and offered in faith and humility. On the basis of those simple criteria, our prayers will be heard and answered. The conclusion of this matter of prayer is this, Pray without ceasing for those things needed or desired until either the answer comes as requested or the Lord clearly says NO. Then and only then should the request be laid to rest.

In addition to all this, however, It is most interesting that in this chapter of Luke, in the very next verse, Jesus said, “Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh shall he find faith on the earth?” The placing of this statement speaks volumes to the condition of men, even Christians, in our day. Did Jesus perceive that the faith required to obtain answers to prayer would diminish in the last days? The measuring stick for the Christians life is in his ability to receive answers to his prayers. Jesus said, “Be it unto you according to your faith”, clearly placing the responsibility for those answers on man shoulders. Do we have that faith?

If you have any prayer requests, no mater how difficult they may seem to be, we would consider it a privilege to be able to pray with you…as we pray for our subscribers each day. Just go to the bottom of the home page and e-mail them to us. They will remain completely confidential.

There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting,
There’s a place that is wondrously fair;
For it glows with the light of His presence,
‘Tis the beautiful garden of prayer; (The Beautiful Garden of Prayer)