“Not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many nobles, are called.” Of course, Paul is talking spiritually. The fact is that in the world, whether we are talking about worldly things or religious things, our human tendency is to call on the wise and the mighty (or those that appear wise and mighty) for advice and direction. We look to those who have written a book and are considered expert, or those who are dynamic speakers or those who have reached a level of fame for whatever reason. But Scripture says that not many of those (a few but not many) are called so what value are they in leading the way.

Paul said, “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and of power.” So, what is the difference? How do we know what is from the ‘worldly wise man’ (from Pilgrims Progress) and what is from the true Spirit of our Lord? We know from what Scripture says. Our Lord speaks with a small voice in the quiet of the time we spend with Him, not in a loud and crowded environment. Although some nice things may be said during those gatherings they simply invoke emotion and that is not the same as spiritual communication. It is, however, what mainstream Christianity is all about, entertainment and the tickling of the ear.

No, The truth comes when we shut out the world, as we come to the Lord ALONE in humility as a child, as we meditate day and night in His Word, as we maintain an attitude of prayer, as we live and breath our relationship with Him and then … “Wait and again I say wait” on the Lord for what He has to say. This is where Spiritual truth comes from and there is no truth other than from Him.

The questions are, “What did the Lord tell you in your quiet hour with Him this morning?”, “What direction did He give you for the day?” or “What question did He answer that you have longed to better understand?” If we really want to know Him and the Truth we must first realize that ‘not many wise’ are called and HE is the truth and we must obtain it from Him and not take a shortcut by asking someone we consider ‘wise’.

Oh, happy is the man who hears instruction’s warning voice,
And who celestial wisdom makes his early, only choice… (Oh, Happy Is the Man)