“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” What an incredible true statement of God’s love toward and plan to redeem man. It is most amazing for several reasons. It is human nature for man to look out for himself first, look out for number one so to speak. In rare cases there have been accounts of a person giving their life for some one they love but have you ever heard of one giving their life for someone that has wronged, abused and hated them? And even further, has anyone ever given their life for an offender who doesn’t even know that he has done wrong, has no perception of the unenlightened condition that he is in? Many of us won’t forgive someone unless they come to us and admit their wrong and repent. And there are others who won’t even forgive them when they do.

But that is exactly what God has done for us and much more for “while we were yet sinners” (and we didn’t even realize that we WERE sinners), He sent his Son to die for our sins knowing that many would never see what He had done for them, how they had sinned against Him or that they even needed salvation. Many would forever remain in the dark, oblivious to TRUTH and REDEMPTION and the possibility of ETERNAL LIFE. And yet He gave His life for those also; all because of His unending love.

It is the greatest fundamental spiritual revelation in all of human history that God has offered salvation, redemption and eternal life to all who will accept that absolutely free gift. And it was offered when we didn’t realize our need for it or even that we had a problem. Can we come to see the depth of love that God has toward us and the total need we have for Him?

A ransom for all my Saviour once came;
He bore all my sins and my sorrow and shame;
He carried them all to Calvary’s tree,
He died there a sinner like me.

A ransom … a ransom,
A ransom for sinners the wide world around!
He paid your debt gladly, He purchased you too;
For “A ransom for all” means a ransom for you…(A Ransom for All)