The vision that God gave Ezekiel in chapter 37 is of a valley filled with dry human bones. In this account the Lord brings these bones together and gives them life. Now, there may be many lessons that can be learned from this vision but for me it is a picture of the difference between a life without Christ, which is pictured by dry bones, a life that typifies the belief that we are born, live and die and that is it, and the fullness of life in Christ which is a life of salvation, hope, joy, purpose…now and forever into eternity. Why is it such a difficult decision for some to make? Even from the human reasoning standpoint it would seem to be an easy choice to make. Sadly it’s because it requires that we acknowledge that God exists and that we submit to His authority and for some that is just too much.

God breathed into man the breath of life but that was only the earnest deposit of life, the substance of life is in the life that is committed to HIM. It so outweighs mere breathing that it cannot be compared to the meager existence that most experience on earth. “Behold, Oh my people, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves.” “(verse 12). “And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live” (verse 14). The answer to the question “Can these bones live” is a resounding YES for anyone that is willing. And this question is not only for those who do not believe, but for those who have been lukewarm or half-hearted in their dedication to the Lord. What commitment will you make today to obtain real life in Christ?

To those that give heed it will blessing impart,
Its flowing will not be in vain,
For blessedness comes and peace in your heart,
Redeems you from sorrow and pain…(The River of Life)