Has the Lord ever asked you to do something that seems completely unreasonable to you. What will you do? Delay obeying? Check in with someone else that you respect? One might better ask, “What has the Lord asked his true followers to do that was humanly reasonable at all”? Consider this! God told Abraham to sacrifice his son on the alter; He told Hosea to marry a prostitute; He told Paul to go to Rome against the advise of many of his friends; Moses’s life is a record of God telling him to do things that were unreasonable; He told David to fight Goliath; He told Gideon to fight with a much smaller army; And throughout history many missionaries have gone in spite of objections of their peers and the proper financial support back home.

Before we declare to the Lord, “I will follow Thee” we had better think about what we are saying because seldom does He ask the reasonable. This, then, is the reason that He says if we follow him we will separate ourselves from friends, family and even those of the church we attend. The sad fact is that most Christians are lukewarm or nominal, they know about Him but not him personally. They follow the rules and try to do what’s right but do not know His voice and follow without question. If one who calls himself Christian is going to do anything spiritually worthwhile in this life he must give up everything else including all human reasonableness… and follow Him, no questions asked. And although the price would seem to be extremely high, the rewards are beyond anything we would expect or deserve. Think about it!

Who will heed the holy mandate,
Follow me, Follow me,
Leaving all things at His bidding,
Follow me Follow me…(Follow Me)