There is a spiritual truth that is unknown to all the world and nominal Christianity alike. It is that happiness cannot be found by seeking it directly; It only comes as a byproduct of seeking the kingdom first. We almost all think that if we could just make more money we could be happy, or if we could just get through this trial we could be happy, or if we could just get a new house we could be happy, and the list goes on and on. But the truth is that there is no true, lasting happiness in this world except that comes AFTER we seek the the kingdom. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” This may be the most revolutionary statement ever made in Scripture. It is sometimes talked about, seldom understood and almost never lived. It all brings to mind the real depravity of man. Not only do we not understand this spiritual fact, most likely we don’t want to understand or believe it so we choose to ignore it and go about striving to find happiness. It seems that we would rather do it ourselves which is somewhat a reflection of the choice Adam and Eve made in the Garden of when they said ‘we will decide what to do, not God’.

These thoughts bring us to ‘where the rubber meets the road’ (so to speak). How much effort do you spend working and striving to get ahead in this world and find happiness as compared to how much you spend ‘seeking the kingdom’. That, alone, is the test and will tell you where your heart is. “For where your treasure is. there will your heart be also”. (Luke 12; 34)

The most difficult thing to do in the Christian life is to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into believing ALL that Jesus had to say and that includes seeking the kingdom over and above all else in life. It is what separates the true believer from the lukewarm and nominal and what guarantees that we are on the narrow way. It also brings the happiness we have always sought.

Do you love the world? Will you selfish be?
When the Lord provides everything for thee?
Will you still refuse? Will you come and bow?
Give your heart and life to His service now?…(Do You Love the World)