One of the most amazing things to ponder concerning the Christian faith is to determine what is God’s part and what is man’s. Debate has raged over this for centuries. Some say man has nothing to do with salvation, you are either chosen or you are not, some say you must earn it and others say it’s free but you must accept it. The fact is that man is limited and finite in his thinking and because of that attempts to only allow God two or three choices concerning any certain issue. It has been that way since the beginning; man either tries to bring God down to his level or lift himself up to God’s level in order that he can understand it. How ridiculous! We must come to understand that God is infinite, we are not, and no mater how much we reason with our mind we will never see what He sees until we get to glory. The fact is that salvation is a gift from God; we must simply accept that and leave the rest for later.

It is a most miraculous thing to realize that God has given man a part in His plan, however, and it is for each of us to find out what it is. It is the farmers responsibility to till the ground, plant the seed; It is the Lords job to send rain that will cause life to spring forth. It is also the farmers job to keep the weeds and bugs out of the field in order to protect the crop. To understand our part is what brings us to the hope of His calling. When we receive this gift from God ‘we will be enlightened’ (verse 18) and ‘receive power from God… which is, through Christ, above all principality, power and dominion that is named in this world’. Our calling, then, is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, live our lives so as to witness to the lost, and exercise the power of God in the spiritual battle that rages in this world.

Is the crop that we have been assigned to care for filled with bugs and weeds that are taking over and destroying the yield? Are we willing to be rejected by friends and family to further the kingdom of God? Have we really stopped to think what our part is and what God is asking us to do? It would be terrible to be found ‘wanting’ when our life is spent.

When the book of life is opened,
And you stand before the Son,
On the final day of reck’ning,
Will your name be found there-on?…(When the Book of Life is Opened)