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SEPTEMBER 23,2017—FORM OF GODLINESS—11 Timothy 3:5

“One can be so proud of his doctrinal soundness that the Holy Spirit cannot convict him of the unsoundness of his life. Vain men give to one another a special recognition as having great power and position in this heavenly kingdom by virtue of a proficient learning in languages and Biblical history, or skill in doctrinal analysis.


If the faith of illiterate fishermen did more for the establishment of the church in a few years than centuries of prodigious scholarship, […]


Believing God is the substance of all that God has for man and unleashes His power in our lives. It comes to those, and only those, who diligently seek Him and are willing to give up everything else for Him. Mrs Charles Cowman records an event in the life of George Mueller in her devotional ‘Streams in the Desert’ as follows.


“I went to America some years ago with the captain of a steamer, who was a very devoted Christian. […]


Failure is temporary –Success is for ever!   Romans 8:24-25


Jesus said to the woman who touched Him and had an issue of blood, “Your faith has made you well”. When two blind men followed Jesus, they said that they believed He could heal them. Jesus said, “According to your faith be it to you”. In Matthew chapter 15 a woman came to Jesus saying that her daughter was vexed with a devil. After He saw her faith He said, “O Woman great is your faith, be it […]


It was a sad time that most of us would not have been able to endure when Job lost his children and wealth, suffered through the advice of his friends and was told by his wife to “curse God and die” . . . It was a time of extreme suffering when Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and put in prison for doing what was right. There were many days of suffering in the life […]

SEPTEMBER 17, 2017—GOD”S PRESENCE—Psalm 16:11

Have you ever observed a young couple (or old couple) expressing their love to each other without saying a word? The way they look at each other, the way they touch and the way they are always concerned for the other’s welfare broadcasts a relationship that is true and loving. I remember my father asking constantly where my mother was, just to make sure she was in the house or nearby. It was a great comfort to him when […]

AUGUST 14, 2017—WHAT IS LIFE—John 14:6

Webster defines life as “the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body”. Now we really can’t hold it against Webster but what kind of definition is that? Surely there is a missing protein or enzyme or something that you can put your finger on that makes the difference between living and dead. But, the fact is that science cannot completely say what the difference is and further cannot add something to a dead body […]

AUGUST 2, 2017—HUMILITY—Matthew 23:12

A single word can, many times, lead us into a very interesting and lengthy discussion for a word almost always means different things to different folks. And at the very least it can lose its clarity and value and lie among other important words that we use so often; but can, at the worst, result in portraying the opposite result than was intended. This is one of the inherent limitations of language and we must be careful to define […]

JULY 16,2017—MYSTERIES OF GOD—Colossians 2:2

There are deep things, mysteries, hidden things, profound things of God that the Bible speaks of often. The ears of the natural man or nominal Christianity (uncommitted part- time Christians) do not hear them nor can he embrace them in his heart. These things defy the wise and prudent and those of higher learning for in most cases they have been indoctrinated into the somewhat legalistic doctrines of man. Scripture says these things have been revealed to babes and […]

MAY 24,2017—THEY ARE AT THEIR WIT’S END—Psalm 107:27-28

It is man’s lot in life to have trouble and lots of it. And, further, it seems that the Lord always waits to the last minute to deliver. We can just imagine that Moses was, at times, very frustrated as he dealt with Pharaoh and then later with the children of Israel in the wilderness. Although Abraham and Joseph show no indication that they despaired during their wait for the promises, surely they had their moments too. It is […]