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Jan.-Feb. 2014


The book of SONG OF SOLOMON is seldom considered by even the most devout of Christians. And it is true that some of it is difficult to understand. But, taken as a whole, it is an expression of the love of God for us as evidenced by the love of husband and wife. Even though He has given us the example of marriage it remains impossible for man to fully comprehend the love of God. It behooves us, then, […]


The two most powerful forces that shape the world are to pray and to wait. The first (prayer) is obvious to the Christian; There are thousands of examples in Scripture and throughout history of prayers that have been answered that range from small answers in daily guidance to answers to the prayers of individuals that have changed the course of history. The fact that we who profess to believe are weak in faith does not change the powerful possibility […]


Abraham had just won a great victory by rescuing Lot and his wife from enemies. But the stress of all that took place had its tole on Abraham and he fell into a deep sleep. It was at that time that a “dreadful darkness came over him” within his soul. It is not unusual that after a monumental event or a mountain top experience in our life, depression sets in. Something sets in that causes the soul to despair. […]

THE TIME IS SHORT—Amos 5:18 (nlt)

The prophet Amos lived about 800 years BC and his message was very similar to other true prophet of the day, namely calling for the people to repent for the Day of judgement was at hand. In the course of writing the book he paints a picture of the spiritual condition of the day. The people were playing at religion and Amos tells them what God said, “I hate all your show and pretense—the hypocrisy of your religious festivals […]

I AM THE WAY—John 14:6

John 14;6 is, perhaps, one of the most profound verses of Scripture in the entire Bible. The message of this verse is what separates Jesus from all other religious leaders in history; Further, to not embrace and understand the full meaning of this statement by our Lord will render the nominal Christian ineffective in his walk and puzzled by the lack of answers to his prayers.

The best way to understand what Jesus said here is to consider what He […]


Several years ago there was a report in the newspaper that scientists had discovered a new star. That’s not so unusual but they said that it was going in two different directions and that simply wasn’t possible. I didn’t follow up on the newspaper account to find out what happened in the end but that much of the story serves to illustrate a point. Man has certain human limitations that he simply will not be able to overcome, comprehending […]


Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in Christianity today is how God speaks to man. The purest form of communication existed before the fall when God spoke to Adam and Eve in a soft, gentle voice in the Garden in the cool of the day. There was no question about it; God spoke, man listened and obeyed! Then for 4000 years after the fall God “at sundry times spake … unto the fathers by the prophets”. (Hebrews 1;1) During this period, […]


Is there a particular prayer that there is a great need to receive an answer for in your life, whether it be the spiritual enlightenment of a loved one or a physical need or desire in your own life? Then the order of the day or week or year, whatever it takes, is appropriate and one is instructed in Scripture to be persistent in prayer until either an answer is received or the Lord says clearly and without question, […]


To be able to make this statement, as Paul did, in Phil. 4;11 is to demonstrate a certain peace and maturity in the Christian walk. Many think, consciously or unconsciously, that when they accept Christ into their lives they automatically receive all the attributes of our Lord and that, in a way, they have arrived, never again to have to worry about suffering and the like. This could not be further from the truth, for the born again experience […]

FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN—Malachi 3:10 (niv)

We often speak of the need to wait on God as being one of the most difficult things to do. But could it be that for the most part He is the One that waits on us. We ask for a certain thing in prayer, He hears and then begins to work to prepare us for the answer he desires to give. Malachi chapter 3 speaks of giving the Lord His due and blessings will follow that are beyond […]