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Jan.-Feb. 2014

THE SIN OF PRAYERLESSNESS—1 Sam. 12:23 & 1 Thes. 5:17

How often and for how long do you enter your closet alone to pray? The imperatives of Scripture are many and clear, in the Old Testament and the New. We are to pray for the sick and needy, the Kingdom, brothers in Christ, our leaders and the coming of Christ and further to pray ‘without ceasing’. As believers, we have been given this monumental responsibility and the fact is, it is sin to be slack in prayer. Clearly our […]


Mark 11;24 is a most remarkable promise given by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” The key to receiving the things we desire is contained in the verse, “believe that ye receive them” and also stated in verse 22 just prior to this, “Have faith in God”. It is very simple and clearly stated. It doesn’t take a theologian who has been […]


Christians are among the worst when it comes to judging others. In fact, it is one of the reasons that many who start to attend church, soon leave claiming that the church is full of hypocrites. And… they would be right! We have all heard of examples of this; either that person has done something in the past or even now has bad habits or or has, according to us, done something that, by our interpretation, violated Scripture. All […]


For the true, fully mature, totally committed and red hot as compared to lukewarm seeker, Philippians 3;10 is a reflection of the Christian experience. It is a mirror image of Paul’s ministry and a statement as to what our spiritual thrust in life should be. There are three parts to the verse. First, “That I may know Him”. Paul did not just know ‘about Him’ by all the studies he had done prior to the Damascus experience for he […]

I ALONE, AM LEFT—1 Kings 19

Have you ever felt that the burdens of this life are just too hard to carry and you are all alone in the struggle? In 1 Kings (chapters 18 & 19) Elijah found himself in that very same situation. He felt that he was the only one following the true God so he invited all the children of Israel and the 450 prophets of Baal, that they were following, to meet at mount Carmel. There he challenged the people […]

MEDITATE DAY AND NIGHT—Ps. 1:2 & Joshua 1:8

Scripture promises two things to those who “meditate day and night” in His word, blessings in Psalms 1;2 and success in Joshua 1;8. David and Joshua were two of the most accomplished men in the Bible and it didn’t come because they attended a certain college or seminary. The only imperative that the lord gave Joshua when he led the people into the promised land was to “meditate therein day and night”. In fact more often than not the […]

I SHALL NOT WANT—Psalms 23:1

The twenty third Psalm is, perhaps, the most quoted passage of Scripture in the Bible. Every line can easily be turned into a long and profound sermon. The first line of the Psalm says, “The Lord is my shepherd”. The second line is, “I shall not want.” and then there is a period. In other words the thought is complete, that is, If the Lord has truly become our shepherd we will have no other needs or wants, except, […]


The human family has many abilities that the rest of the animal kingdom does not possess; among other things he is more intelligent, has dexterity, and has ‘God awareness’ that no other animals have. But there is one thing that he can and does do that is of no benefit to himself and it is the ability of ‘self deception’. Now, plain deception is bad enough (animals can be deceived) but it can be overcome with various forms of […]


The world population is estimated to be at slightly over seven billion people. Of that total, 2.2 billion or roughly 30% claim to be Christian, (including 1.5 billion Catholic and orthodox churches). The rest is made up of 1.6 billion Muslims and 3 billion eastern religions. The on-line encyclopedia further states that those two billion Christians represent over 41,000 different denominations (allowing for some overlap between countries). That is an incredible fact and, by itself, speaks to the disunity […]


I attended a very large church last Lord’s day. I think you call them mega churches. They have two services each morning to a full house each time. The early service is for the for the younger generation and it’s lively, loud and accentuated with the beat of drums and other percussion instruments. The second cession is more subdued for the older ones of the congregation and they even sing one of the old favorite hymns occasionally, although, almost […]