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Jan-Feb. 2015

MARCH 6, 2015—LABORERS TOGETHER WITH GOD—1 Corinthians 3; 9

One of the most amazing things about our relationship with God is to realize that He has given us a part in His plan for redemption. It seems sometimes that it would have been much simpler if He has just ‘DONE IT’ and not given us a part, seeing as though we are so resistant at every spiritual turn. There are some who, as Christians, think that God must do everything, we can just sit. Then […]

MARCH 4, 2015—THE POWER OF GOD—Luke 18; 27

On February 23, 1895, John Lee, a laborer in the village of Babbacombe in England, was accused of killing a Mrs. Keyes, an old woman who was found murdered in her bed. The evidence against Lee was very strong, but the prisoner repeatedly said to his guards, “I did not do it. And they can never hang me for it.” When the judge sentenced him to be hanged, Lee said, “The Lord knows I am innocent. […]

MARCH 2, 2015—GOD AND LIFE—Ezekiel 1; 27-28

The limitations of the human frame are enormous and seldom understood or pondered by man. Take life itself! Webster defines it as something that grows— but that is not a definition, it’s just evidence that life exists. It doesn’t really define what life is. In fact no one, scientists included, can tell us what life is specifically made up of. If you hold a live plant in one hand and the same type of dead plant in the […]

FEBRUARY 27, 2015—ARMOUR OF GOD—Ephesians 6

If you are a policeman there is a certain uniform that you are required to wear and some mandatory equipment that will protect you in case of trouble. It is also worn so that people will know that you are in authority and available to help in case there is a need. In the worst case you may need a bullet proof vest. If you are a football player you must have a distinctive uniform so that […]

FEBRUARY 26, 2015—WHAT IS THAT TO THEE—John 21; 21-22

In the last chapter of John, the disciples, Peter and John, are asking Jesus who will betray Him and what are the events of the end. Jesus responds with “What is that to you, You follow me”? One of the greatest mistakes Christians make in dealing with others, who are hurting in one way or another, is to rush to their rescue and in doing so interfere with God’s working in that persons life. There is a […]


There can be a certain measure of peace that is derived from knowing ABOUT our Lord, reading His word, and understanding the principles and doctrines He stands for. And although many who practice these principles do not know Him personally and intimately, and would be considered nominal or lukewarm as far as their commitment is concerned; nevertheless there are advantages to following His precepts whether you believe totally in Him or not. There are even professing unbelievers […]


The rich young ruler came to Jesus asking what he must do to receive eternal life for he explained that he had followed all the commandments from his youth. Jesus responded by saying “Yet lackest thou one thing”, “Sell all that thou hast, and distribute to the poor”. The young man was very rich and apparently he found this too hard to do for, although he was very sorrowful, he gives no response and the conversation ends. […]

FEBRUARY 23, 2015—FAITH—Hebrews 11; 1

Faith is defined in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews as “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, the key word here being substance. It’s not so much the act here that is the substance but the faith that caused it to happen. Almost nothing that Christ ever did on earth consisted of common sense but rather of faith as He was led by the Father. In like manner those of TRUE faith […]

FEBRUARY 22, 2015—HERE AM I—Exodus 3; 4

When Moses was in Egypt in Pharaoh’s house, he attempted to right some wrongs for his people by his own hand. He was highly educated, capable and in a position to accomplish very much. But the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob was not first and foremost in his life and when he killed the Egyptian for abusing one of his people it utterly failed and he fled Egypt.

He spent the next forty years in the […]

FEBRUARY 20, 2015—LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE—John 15; 13-15

Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Although we know that throughout history and even today there are those who have had to die for their faith in Christ and our first reaction to this passage is that that may be required of us, there is another meaning to those verses. Christ did not say to die for His sake but rather to lay down […]