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July-Aug. 2014

AUGUST 30, 2014—ABIDE IN CHRIST—John 15: 5

The nominal Christian has, for the most part, a rather distant relationship with the Lord. He may attend church, pray on occasion, give to the poor when moved, and is thankful that the Lord has given him the opportunity to pursue his own goals in life. He may even proclaim that he is a Christian from time to time. He is rather lukewarm. But then, when a crises comes, he suddenly becomes serious, spends much time […]

AUGUST 28, 2014—THE HOPE OF HIS CALLING—Ephesians 1: 18, 19

One of the most amazing things to ponder concerning the Christian faith is to determine what is God’s part and what is man’s. Debate has raged over this for centuries. Some say man has nothing to do with salvation, you are either chosen or you are not, some say you must earn it and others say it’s free but you must accept it. The fact is that man is limited and finite in his thinking and because […]

AUGUST 27, 2014—SEEK THE KINGDOM FIRST—Matthew 6; 33

There is a spiritual truth that is unknown to all the world and nominal Christianity alike. It is that happiness cannot be found by seeking it directly; It only comes as a byproduct of seeking the kingdom first. We almost all think that if we could just make more money we could be happy, or if we could just get through this trial we could be happy, or if we could just get a new house we […]

AUGUST 26, 2014—YOU CHOOSE FIRST—Genesis 13: 9

Abraham and Lot had so many sheep and cattle that it became necessary to part ways, for there was strife between the herdsmen of Abraham and Lot. Abraham, being a man of faith told Lot to choose whatever land he wanted and he would take what was left. As Lot looked to the east he saw that the plain of Jordan was well watered he chose the fertile ground around Sodom. Abraham, on the other hand, […]

AUGUST 25, 2014—TO HIM THAT OVERCOMETH—Revelation 2: 7

The benefits for those who embark on the Christian walk and life are only for those who overcome, not those who start and falter or those who are not totally committed and are a bit half-hearted. It’s a fact of life on earth that there are wars; physical, mental and spiritual. And because man is made up of three parts, body, soul and spirit, he is attacked on all three fronts from without. He is tested in the […]


Has the Lord ever asked you to do something that seems completely unreasonable to you. What will you do? Delay obeying? Check in with someone else that you respect? One might better ask, “What has the Lord asked his true followers to do that was humanly reasonable at all”? Consider this! God told Abraham to sacrifice his son on the alter; He told Hosea to marry a prostitute; He told Paul to go […]

AUGUST 22, 2014—CAN THESE BONES LIVE—Ezekiel 37; 3

The vision that God gave Ezekiel in chapter 37 is of a valley filled with dry human bones. In this account the Lord brings these bones together and gives them life. Now, there may be many lessons that can be learned from this vision but for me it is a picture of the difference between a life without Christ, which is pictured by dry bones, a life that typifies the belief that we are born, live and die […]

AUGUST 21, 2014—THE SECRET OF THE LORD—Psalms 25: 14

The key verse reads, “The secret of the Lord (friendship RV) is with those that fear Him”. When we first believed in Him or perhaps for those who have not grown spiritually, it is extremely important to know that we are being guided by the Lord in each and every detail of our life. And certainly there is nothing wrong with that. However as we learn the ‘secret of the Lord’ which is His friendship (knowing His […]


There seems to be a large majority of Christians who have a measure of faith, that is they believe in Jesus and what He came to do for man, however they lack virtue. After being born again, and we will assume it is sincere, they fail to make any significant changes in their life. Their countenance does not change and reflect the ‘joy of the Lord’, their way of doing business and gaining wealth does not change, […]


The cost of becoming a Christian is often talked about by those proclaiming the gospel. In one sense it is said to be free for the asking and that is true. One must merely ask the Lord to enter his heart and lead and guide him in life. But in another sense “To know the deeper things of God, one must give up everything else” (A. B. Simpson) and that is a price that must be paid. […]