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Mar-Apr. 2015


Man finds it very convenient to use labels and there is certainly nothing wrong with that as long as the label is accurately describing the goods. It is disappointing when you buy something that is labeled wrong and you find out later it’s not at all what you thought. When we have had this happen to us several times we begin to learn to examine, more closely, the goods rather than just the label.

This line of […]


When Jesus came to us with all His truth and power He met with great resistance. He was questioned, challenged and criticized because He claimed to forgive sin, allowed His disciples to omit fasting, consorted with sinners and permitted His disciples to pluck ears of corn on the Sabbath. He was charged with being in complicity with the devil and because of His reasoning in the synagogue the pharisees railed against Him and plotted to destroy Him.

It seems unbelievable […]

MARCH 17,2015—A VISION OF PRAYER—Isaiah 65: 24

There is a side of prayer, or should we say a different view of prayer, that is not known of, let alone embraced, by modern Christianity. While we, today, struggle with whether God will hear and answer our prayers, the fact is He hears and is working out the answer while we speak and even before we, ourselves, know what to ask. It’s not so much that we think of something we need or want and we […]

MARCH 16, 2015—ARE WE PREDESTINED—Matthew 22; 14

The question as to whether man has been predestined by God (chosen to be saved without any input on man’s part) or if man is saved by choosing God himself has raged for centuries. Book after book has been written on the subject promoting one side or another. And according to the greatest theological minds there doesn’t seem to be any other choices. Either you believe in predestination or you don’t. Doesn’t that seem a little […]


Amos was not a priest or prophet . He was not even the son of a priest or prophet. In fact he was a humble herder of sheep and tender of fig trees in the countryside of Judea. But God gave Amos a vision of the future and told him to take it to Israel. The people had been living beneath a pious veneer of religion; they had substituted superficial religious exercises for spiritual integrity and obedience toward God […]

MARCH 12, 2015—AN INTIMATE TOUCH—John 10; 3

It would not be proper to downplay the importance of correct doctrine in the Christian faith except to say it pales in comparison to an intimate touch from our Lord Jesus Christ. The soul is in serious danger when the knowledge of doctrine outweighs the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. The law and doctrine were standard operating procedure in the Old Testament and, sadly, they remain a hindrance in the New. When the Galatians reverted back to […]

MARCH 11, 2015—COME AND SEE—John 1; 46

It is recorded in the first chapter of John that Phillip went looking for Nathanael and when he found him he said, “We have found…Jesus of Nazareth… of whom the prophets did write”. Nathanael said, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” to which Phillip said, “Come and see”.” And that is the call today for the many who have expressed the desire to know more about Christ and the way. But so often we hear “I just […]

MARCH 10, 2015—LED BY THE SPIRIT—Romans 8; 14

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God”. Here we have the bottom line, where the rubber meats the road so to speak, the final test as to whether we are what we say we are; that is, are we really a ‘child of God’ or are we just wishful thinking? We talk about the Father and the Son with authority but when it comes to the Holy Spirit […]

MARCH 9, 2015—GOD’S TIMING—Luke 18; 7

To the faithful, God promises to hear and answer prayer. The only real requirement is that we have the faith, not only that He could answer if He wanted to, but that He will answer. Further, He has stated that He will give precisely what we ask for, the desired of our heart, along with the necessities of life.
“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye […]