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Mar.-April 2014


Several years ago I met a man who later become a business associate of mine.  We soon discovered that we both were Christians and had much in common.  We had occasion to meet often on business and I recall that one of those times he greeted me by saying, “Brother, what has the Lord told you this week?”…  Well, I was taken by surprise and hardly knew what to say.  As I recall I stuttered a bit and then […]

MAY 13, 2014—THE VINEYARD—Matthew 21: 33-45

In Matthew chapter 21 Jesus is being questioned by the Pharisees. He had just healed blind and lame persons that came to the temple and the religious leaders authority was being challenged. They wanted to arrest Him but were fearful of the people who considered Him a prophet. After a discussion with them Jesus told the Pharisees a parable.
There was a certain man who owned a vineyard but he lived in a far country. So he rented […]


“When Christ came with His blazing spiritual penetration and His fine moral sensitivity He appeared to the Pharisee to be another kind of religion, which indeed He was if the world had only understood. He could see the soul of the text while the Pharisee could only see the body, and he could always prove Christ wrong by an appeal to the letter of the law or to an interpretation hallowed by tradition. The breach between them […]

APRIL 28, 2014—THE BENEFITS OF SUFFERING—Philippians 3: 10

The age old question, asked by almost everyone at one time or another is, “Why is there suffering in the world”? Although we, for the most part, do not want to accept them, there are clear and precise answers to that question in Scripture. First, we suffer that we may learn obedience. Christ “Learned he obedience by the things he suffered” (Hebrews 5; 8). Without trials and problems there would be no reason for man to […]


A ship is safe in the harbor but it was designed to carry a cargo and sail the high seas even though there is risk involved. There may be a bad storm which cannot be avoided or the captain may make a mistake, either of which could endanger the success of the voyage. The same principal applies to the Christian life. One can choose to simply go by the book, in which case there is no need for […]


There are literally thousands upon thousands of Christian leaders around the world that interpret the Scriptures for their followers. There is certainly no shortage of Bible teachers. One could conclude that that is the reason there are about as many different views on the doctrines of Christ as there are Christian leaders. But that is not a representation of the true Gospel message.

In the 24th chapter of Luke, Jesus appears to the disciples after His resurrection and […]

APRIL 23, 2014—PRAY AND NOT GIVE UP—Luke 18: 1

I had a very good friend in the church I was attending several years ago who had a definite need. He explained that he had prayed about it several times and then left it in the Lord’s hands; he said the Lord knew his request and there was no need to remind Him. This would seem to be rather reasonable on the surface but… it is not Scriptural. This is the reason we must stay in His word continually, […]

APRIL 22, 2014—CHRIST’S LOVE COMPELS US—11 Corinthians 5: 14(niv)

The totally committed and dedicated Christian who has a large measure of the ‘love of Christ’ in his heart finds that he is compelled to share that love. It’s as if he has no choice. The amplified translation puts it this way, “for the love of Christ controls and urges and impels us”. There are many who know about the ‘love of Christ’, who can expound on it and teach about it but there are few […]

APRIL 19, 2014—THE POWER OF THE RESURECTION—Philippians 3: 10

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the most monumental event in human history. It provided the ‘abundant life’ while here on earth (John 10;10), eternal life in the hereafter (John 11;26), a direct line of communication with the God of creation (John 14;26), answers to our prayers for the desires of our heart (Mark 11;24), daily, or should we say moment by moment, guidance in all our endeavors in life (Psalms 32;8), and joy unspeakable as we travel along […]


There is an interesting account in Jeremiah chapter 42. If it wasn’t such a serious matter, the results could almost be rather comical. The nation of Judah had been taken over by the Babylonians, which Jeremiah had warned about for many years to no avail, and there was utter chaos in the country. Many of the people and their leaders came to Jeremiah and asked him to go to the Lord to see if they all […]