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Mar.-April 2014


How many times have we heard among Christians, during discussions about prayer, “Why does the Lord wait so long to answer prayer that is obviously within His will?” or “Why does He wait to the very last minute to answer?” These questions come from those who believe in prayer and have made a commitment to pray as the Scripture directs. Concerning this question, we more often than not hear about how we should ‘wait on the Lord’ and that […]

WATER OF LIFE—Revelation 22:17

It is not questioned that water is essential to all life on earth. Two thirds of the surface of earth is water and, coincidentally, two thirds of our bodies are make up of water. Without it this world would be huge mass of dead material. Without water there would be no food, growth, digestion, plants, animals and no atmosphere, in fact, no life at all.

Although the need of water for physical life is accepted by all, it is known […]


Man has sought freedom in every avenue of life from the very beginning. Freedom from social pressure, financial difficulties, rules and regulations, responsibilities, incarcerations, political policies, high taxes, and the list goes on and on. We simply live our lives under restraints of one degree or another and all that causes stress today like has not been known before. All the gadgets and time savers have not done much more that cause us to go faster and become more […]