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May-June 2013

A NEW SONG—Psalm 144:9

One spring a mocking bird and his mate built their nest in a tree just outside the window of a ranch house on the plains of New Mexico. His song was a great joy to the kindly people on the ranch, and when he sang at night they were glad that the air could be so filled with music.

The work on the ranch progressed into early summer; the fields of grain gave promise of a bountiful harvest, and in […]

OUR REFUGE—Isa. 32:2

O LORD GOD, Thou art our refuge and our hope; on Thee alone we rest, for we find all to be weak and insufficient but Thee. Many friends cannot profit, nor strong helpers assist, nor prudent counselors advise, nor the books of the learned afford comfort, nor any precious substance deliver, nor any place give shelter, unless Thou Thyself dost assist, strengthen, console, instruct, and guard us.—James Martineau

Posted on May 3rd, 2013


The most wonderful promises in all of Scripture are those regarding answers to prayer. To many such promises have raised the question, How can I ever attain the faith that knows that is receives all it asks?

It is this very question our Lord would answer today. When He gave the above promise to His disciples, He first pointed out where faith in the answer to prayer comes from and where it finds its strength: “Have faith in God.”

The power […]