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May-June 2014

JUNE 30, 2014—THE LORDS HEALING—Exodus 15; 26

There is a healing that is seldom heard about from the pulpit and most are not even aware of. It is the healing balm that comes with being a child of God. The key verse says, “I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.” Even the few who know of this promise either have not had the faith to apply it to their […]

JUNE 27, 2014—WHILE WE ARE WAITING—Plalms 25; 21

In the key verse David said, “Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for you.” It might be said that the most important and productive time in an individuals Christians life is the time he is waiting for an answer to prayer. A soul cannot find a close relationship with God, clearly hear His voice or receive answers to his prayers without being obedient and having a heart wholly given to His will. The […]


The theme of Ephesians is “in Christ” for the phrase is used over 20 times in the book. And here in the first few verses we are told, in summery form, of what we have: “all spiritual spiritual blessing” in Him. That covers a lot of ground and Paul follows up in the next 11 verses (one long sentence) a list of what that involves. We find that He “chose us in Him”: “predestined us to adoption […]


According to the key verse the Christian is to continually attempt to humble himself before God and man and in due time the Lord will exalt him. That’s strange! In a world where we are taught from an early age to work hard, strive for wealth, be competitive, aggressive, and win at whatever we do it seems odd to then be asked by the Lord to take a step back, go slow, consider others before ourselves, don’t […]

JUNE 24, 2014—MEASURE OF FAITH—Romans 12: 3

God has given to every man (Christian) the ‘measure of faith’ that is required to live the Godly life, to experience the power and joy of Christian living. But, for whatever reason, He has given us the choice as to whether we use it or not. Faith is nothing more than the opening up of ones heart to receive everything that God has and that faith comes from spending time in His word, meditating and praying. […]


The Holy Spirit of God comes to those who are obedient to every word that ‘proceeds out of His mouth’. This is not a complicated theological principal that is known by only the elite and highly educated man. In fact it is for the most part missed by them as a result of their educational indoctrinations. It is a basic spiritual principal known to the common man; the man that is genuinely longing for truth and […]


Technical advancements in communications have made us a nation of spectators instead of participants. Instead of doing we turn on the radio and listen or the TV and watch. It not only has caused us grow around the middle at the cost of our physical health but ‘dumbed’ us down intellectually, morally and spiritually. All these gadgets were supposed to save us time and allow us to progress faster in all these areas, but the cost has been […]

JUNE 19, 2014—SORROW AND TEARS—Ecclestasies 7: 3

The truth of God’s plan of redemption through the ages has been proclaimed, preserved and established by enlightened spiritual men in sorrow and tears. The prophets of the old testament almost without exception could not hide the heaviness they felt for their fellow man. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, warned of the impending disaster most of his life to no avail. Moses delivered his people in spite of much hardship and suffering at the hands of the […]

JUNE 18, 2014—NON-RESISTANCE (cont.)—Matthew 5: 44

As a continuation of yesterdays post on the doctrine of non-resistance I will relate an experience that I had many years ago. As a child I had always wanted to fly so after college I joined the Navy and began flight school. It was a grueling 2 year program culminated by learning to land on an aircraft carrier. During that time of training we were constantly told that we were the best trained pilots in the […]

JUNE 17, 2014—NON-RESISTANCE—John 18:36

The Christian doctrine of non-resistance has been all but lost over the last few centuries. Jesus clearly stated this position when He was seized by the religious leaders in the garden of Gethsemane. Peter had just cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant in an effort to protect Jesus but Jesus made this famous statement in verse 36. “My kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, then would my […]