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May-June 2014

JUNE 2, 2014—TRUTH AND FREEDOM—John 8:32

There is an enormous misconception in the world and among Christians today and that is that we must seek freedom in order for man to be happy. Employees want more free time with the four day week, women want freedom of choice with regard to abortion, children want freedom from their parents, many want freedom to choose sexual preference, the more base in our society want freedom to express themselves in pornography, and in general most want freedom […]

MAY 31, 2014—UNANSWERED PRAYER—James 4:3

It has been said that if all unanswered prayers were dumped in the ocean it would fill it up. How could that be since the Word promises the Lord will hear and answer our prayers? Well, the answer to this question is very clear although we, many times, are unwilling to admit it or do anything about it. “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” (James […]

MAY 30, 2014—UNBELIEF HINDERS GOD’S WORK—Matthew 13: 58

It is a spiritual mystery as to why God created man and gave him free will; a will to choose whether to serve Him or not, and whether to love Him or not. Sometimes it seems it would have been simpler to just create man to automatically serve and love God and eliminate all this hassle. But not only did He give us a free will to choose but for those who do, He made them a part […]


There is a very unique characteristic about the TRUE follower of Christ. He not only has read and heard about Romans 8: 28 but believes, embraces and lives it. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God”. ALL THINGS! While the normal human response to things depends on whether they are good or bad, The Christian (one who truly believes the faith and doctrine) maintains a confidence that […]

MAY 28, 2014—RIGHTEOUS ANGER—Ephesians 4:26

Solomon said in Ecclesiastes that, “To everything there is a season, and a time”. Could it be that there is a time for anger also? First we must understand that the word used for anger in the Bible does not mean ‘agitation’ but rather ‘passion, energy’ and therein lies the difference. We Christians are actually commanded to get angry in Ephesians 4: 26. “Be ye angry and sin not.” Psalms 7: 11 says, “God […]

MAY 27, 2014—BUT NOAH FOUND GRACE—Genesis 6: 8

Just before the time of the flood the Bible records that there were two men who walked with God; Enoch who was taken and did not see death and his grandson Noah. In chapter six it is recorded that men had become so wicked that God decided to destroy everything living. “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” …”was a just man and perfect in his generation” (vs. 8-9). What does it mean when […]

MAY 26, 2014—THE SPIRITUAL BATTLE—1 Peter 3: 17-18

When Jesus was on this earth He followed the will of His father and for that He was severely persecuted. He had a deep relationship with His father that the world could not possibly understand, a relationship that superseded the law. As He healed the sick, His disciples ate grain on the sabbath and He dined with sinners, He was accused of breaking the law and for those reasons He was crucified.

Nothing has changed for Christians […]

MAY 23, 2014—THAT YOUR JOY MAY BE FULL—John 16: 24

The possibilities of prayer are endless. Not only has the course of history been changed by those who believe but prayer brings pure joy into the life of a true believer, one who believes God will answer and patiently waits. The Lord granted us the great opportunity to pray not only that we receive spiritual enlightenment, not only that we receive the necessities of life but that our ‘joy may be full’. “Therefore I say unto you, […]

MAY 22, 2014—THE SACRIFICE OF PRAISE—Hebrews 13: 15

As we take time to meditate in God’s word we find that there are many subtle truths that can change our lives for the better if we simply apply them. For example, the words ‘sacrifice of praise’ found in Hebrews could easily be passed over without a thought. However, there is an important lesson here. There are many times in our life that we just do not feel like praising God because of the circumstances we find […]

MAY 21, 2014—O TASTE AND SEE—Psalms 34: 8

Years ago we came in contact with a distant relative who had a one and a half year old son. The child was a burden to the mother and had been severely neglected. It seems the boy, Michael, was given a bottle and spent most of his day in a high chair as a way to keep tabs on him and allow the mom to do her own thing. The first time we met her she […]