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May-June 2014

MAY 20, 2014—A WORD BEHIND THEE—Isaiah 30: 21

For all Christians the big question is how we can determine His leading for our lives, day by day and moment by moment. We could go through all the things that Scripture tells us are necessary in order to hear the voice of God like attend church, be obedient to His precepts, have faith that He will, meditate in His word and pray without ceasing. Or we could look at it in the simplest way which usually reveals the […]

MAY 19,2014—STRENGTH IN WEAKNESS—2 Corinthians 12: 9

Paul asked the Lord to remove a certain ‘thorn in the flesh’ and Jesus’ response was, “My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness”. One of the most difficult things to see and embrace in the Christian life is the fact that our human strengths only hinder God’s working. Our limitations and shortcomings do serve to build spiritual character and subsequently allow the Lord to work through us in miraculous ways […]

MAY 16, 2014—SEARCH ME, OH GOD—Psalms 139: 23,24

Many who claim the Christian faith are unwilling to admit their sins, let alone repent of them. This may seem to be a harsh statement. But considering the fact that very little time is spent with the Lord in prayer and fellowship combined with an extremely busy life style, the nominal Christian has little opportunity to ponder the possibility that there may be hidden sin in his life. After all, he did have an experience with the Lord […]

MAY 15, 2014—PEACE BEYOND UNDERSTANDING—Philippians 4: 7

Before Christ came to this earth the angles proclaimed that he would bring peace to all men. And, in fact, while He was here the underlying message in all that He did was peace. (Peace having been referred to over 120 times in the New Testament) He healed the sick, brought comfort to the hurting, cast out devils, and proclaimed profound truth to all who would listen. Those truths were accepted by the common man but violently rejected by […]

MAY 14, 2014—BEAUTY OF THE LORD BE UPON US—Ephesians 3: 1

The story is told of a certain worldly man who visited Archbishop Fenelon, a 17th century clergyman. Upon his leaving the man commented, “If I had stayed another day in his presence I am afraid I would have had to become a Christian, his spirit was so pure, so attractive and so beautiful”. In Scripture there were two people who were specifically mentioned to have a beautiful countenance, David and Abigail. And as we ponder the conduct of their […]


The ‘secret place of the most high’ is just that—a very secret place known only to to those who earnestly long for the continual presence of the Lord in their lives. In his voluminous dissertation of the Psalms, C. H. Spurgeon writes, “The blessings here promised are not for all believers, but for those who live in close fellowship with God”. Quite simply put, it is not for the half-hearted, nominal, part time, lukewarm Christian who live his life […]

MAY 8, 2014—LAW AND FAITH—Hebrews 10: 1, 11: 1

The law is the “shadow of good things to come” (Hebrews 10: 1) while “faith is the substance of things hoped for” Hebrews 11: 1). The law could not save or effect miracles while faith moves mountains. By faith Enoch was translated. By faith Noah prepared an ark. By faith Abraham sojourned in the land of promise. By faith the Centurion’s servant, the woman with an issue of blood, the two blind men, blind Bartimaeus, and the […]

MAY 7, 2014—A PRAYER FOR MAN—Hebrews 2: 6

Oh Lord, our God! Omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent creator of heaven and earth, ‘who are we that thou art even mindful of us.’ There is no good thing in us for we have been disobedient to thy word and precepts in these last days, have left our first love if, indeed, we ever experienced that love at all, have very little concern for our brothers and continually strive for material things over the fellowship of our god. […]

MAY 6, 2014—SERIOUS BUSINESS—Hebrews 10: 26

For many, being a Christian, is just one facet of the many different areas of their life. It represents a good set of standards to live by and makes them more acceptable to those around them and at the same time assures them of salvation and eternal life. But if one studies the Scriptures in earnest he will find that the Christian walk is far more fearful and should be more serious than that. Consider, for example, what Paul […]

MAY 5, 2014—ON INTO PERFECTION—Hebrews 6: 1,2

In Hebrews chapter six Paul explains that we Christians should leave the basic doctrines of Christ like, repentance from dead works, faith in Christ, baptism, laying on of hands, raising the dead and eternal judgement and press on toward perfection. How can that be? All of us who profess to be followers of Christ spend nearly all our time with the vary things that Paul listed we should leave behind. We are constantly concerned with following the rules, healing […]