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Nov.-Dec 2013


Where is our longing for God? Young people are consumed with sports, activities and friends. Young married couples are busy establishing a career and striving for financial security. Middle age finds us accumulating wealth and as we get older we strive for free time to do the things we always wanted to do but didn’t have time for. For all ages we claim to search for God and all these things Oh, yes there is a dab of religion […]


There are millions of professing Christians around the world and and a large majority of them do not believe in the power of prayer. It totally escapes them! Of the smaller number that do, there remains serious question; they say they do with their mouth because the Bible says so but doubt in their heart and question whether He will. Finally there are those (a small remnant) who believe, expect and count it as having been done. They know […]

THANKFUL—1 Thes. 5:18

All across our country families are gathering for a wonderful turkey meal and many are expressing what they are thankful for in the past. It is important that we take occasion to reflect on the blessings of life, perhaps, we should do it more often. The Bible says two things about thankfulness; be thankful always and for all things. It is exciting and encouraging to hear what people are thankful for!

So I am going to tell you what I […]

NO FEAR—Ps. 111:10

I have seen a bumper sticker from time to time that reads “No Fear”. Now, I’m not sure what the person that placed it there means; whether it is that he is not afraid of any person, any thing or God. But, whatever the intention, it is defiant toward someone and it is not healthy, for fear is an important emotion especially when it comes to spiritual matters.

It is recorded in II Kings chapter 17 that the king of […]


Several years ago my daughter and son in law bought a mobile home and moved it onto a piece of land they owned. After moving in, their 2 year old daughter began to cry and point to something, no one knew what, and she continued to cry, off and on, for several days. At the same time her mother began to sense an evil presence which she told her husband about. He was at work much of the time […]


One thing we can be sure of is that the sun shines every day. It comes up at a certain time and you can count on it. For that reason when we built our new home we installed an off-grid solar electrical system. It was August when we first turned it on and it worked perfectly. The amp meter between the solar panels and the batteries began charging at 48 amps and we could run almost everything in the […]

EARS TO HEAR—Matt.11:15,Mark 4:9,Luke 8:8

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matt.11;15) seems to be a rather strange statement. One might say, “Of course, if one has ears he is going to hear” but that is not necessarily so. The most difficult thing about proclaiming the gospel truth is that most do not hear. There are probably many reasons for this dilemma that could be talked about but if we can cut through all that conversation we come to one thing. […]


Every true seeker of the knowledge of God will at some point in his spiritual journey, come to the stark realization that nothing counts except what has been done for Christ. What precipitates this and, most often, comes along with it is finally embracing within the soul, not just a mental understanding, that man is a totally depraved being and as Scripture states, “is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked”. Now, there have been many sermons preached about […]


Perhaps the greatest problem among Christians today is that they are retarded in their spiritual growth. The perception of the salvation experience is that it is a once-done occurrence and that is all there is to it. Although if asked they would deny it, they live their lives as though they have arrived. This problem has two-fold consequences. First it is obviously bad for the retarded believer because his prayers will not be heard, nor will he grasp the […]

HUMILITY–Matt. 23:12

A single word can, many times, lead us into a very interesting and lengthy discussion. A word almost always means different things to different folks. And at the very least it can loose its clarity and value and lie among other important words that we use so often; but can, at the worst, result in portraying the opposite result than was intended. This is one of the inherent limitations of language and we must be careful to define important […]