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Nov.-Dec 2013

SORROW AND JOY—2 Cor. 6:10

Sorrow was beautiful, but her beauty was the beauty of the moonlight shining through the leafy branches of the trees in the wood, and making little pools of silver here and there on the soft green moss below.
When Sorrow sang, her notes were like the low sweet call of the nightingale, and in her eyes was the unexpectant gaze of one who has ceased to look for coming gladness. She could weep in tender sympathy with those who weep, […]


There is a great gulf between Christian theology and Christian practice today; so much so that and independent observer would hardly recognize the two as being one and the same. Man has somehow acquired the unique ability that he can profess one thing and at the some time do completely the opposite and never recognize the difference. Many today claim to have a true faith but find it difficult to wait for church to end so that they can […]


It is common knowledge among Christians that when you come to the Lord you must come alone. Soon the new convert finds a host of believers to fellowship with at the church, Bible studies and various social functions. He gleans numerous truths from many that are around him and, perhaps, have been believers longer. That is all fine and right. Most Christians today, however, stay right there. They are happy with the truths they have found, happy with new […]


There are rules and laws for almost everything. And if you brake them there are consequences. Can you imagine, for example, a football game without rules? It would be utter chaos. There would be no such thing as games. There are physical rules or laws that apply to our bodies. You abuse it with drugs or over indulging of any sort and you will pay the price with loss of health. There are laws in science and mathematics: Two […]


Years ago after returning from the war I had many questions of God about why there are wars, murders, robberies, child abuse,disease and many other terrible things. If He was a loving God that should not be! It was a serious question and I somewhat demanded, in my own simple mind, that God explain that to me. As I sat pondering those things one cold winter night in Minnesota in front of the fireplace, a sudden realization came over […]

HOPE—Romans 8:24-25

Sometimes human language can be the limiting factor in comprehending various spiritual TRUTHS. In fact, man in his simple minded condition and because of his finite nature often uses spiritual terms so loosely and frequently, like redemption, forgiveness, salvation, faith and trust, that they begin to loose the substance and depth of meaning and as one writer has put it”lie in the dormitory of the soul with many other evil terms”. Hope is one of those words! Webster’s definition […]


Can we draw a picture in our minds? Moses has come to the Red sea and can go no further. Behind him is Pharaoh in hot pursuit. That is a bad enough situation but also all around him are his own people angry and dissatisfied because he led them out of Egypt. He finds himself here all alone because he was obedient to the Lord’s direction. The people tell him that he should have left them alone and let […]


There are many times in life when we have become distraught and fervently pray for deliverance. We have all asked that He remove, immediately, the difficult circumstances that we find ourselves in and provide an easier way for us. But, unfortunately, that is not generally how the Lord works! Oh, He is a God of deliverance and He will, in His time, and by His great power, deliver us; We must only wait and continue to trust for that; […]

SORROW IS BETTER—Ecclesiastes 7:3

Everything in the spiritual realm is the opposite of that in the physical. Spiritually, It is better to be poor than rich, slow than fast, weak than strong, to serve rather than to lead, to be alone instead of in a crowd, and, yes, to be sorrowful rather than be happy. It is, perhaps, the single most difficult lesson we have to learn in our Christian walk. Instead we are continually asking the Lord to deliver us from adversity […]


As a teenager, Daniel Whittle was a cashier at the Wells Fargo Bank in Chicago, but when the Civil War erupted, he enlisted and soon became a soldier in General Grant’s Union Army. Just before he left, his mother put a New Testament in his kit, where it stayed unread. In 1863 during the siege of Vicksburg, in which nearly twenty thousand soldiers lost their lives, young Whittle was wounded and taken prisoner by Confederate troops. His right arm […]