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Nov.-Dec 2014

DECEMBER 31, 2014—RIVER OF LIFE—Psalms 32:8

Pondering the past year and considering the next one is like standing beside and viewing a river in front of us. As we look up the river to our left and view what has happened in the past we can see “thus far hath the Lord helped us” (1 Samuel 7;12). As we turn our gaze to the right and look down the river into the future, most Christians can, to one degree or another, muster enough faith and […]

DECEMBER 30, 2014—DELIVERED—Ps. 37:5

Several years ago my daughter and son in law bought a mobile home and moved it onto a piece of land they owned. After moving in, their 2 year old daughter began to cry and point to something, no one knew what, and she continued to cry, off and on, for several days. At the same time her mother began to sense an evil presence which she told her husband about. He was at work much of the time […]


There are millions of professing Christians around the world and and a large majority of them do not believe in the power of prayer. It totally escapes them! Of the smaller number that do, there remains serious question; they say they do with their mouth because the Bible says so but doubt in their heart and question whether He will. Finally there are those (a small remnant) who believe, expect and count it as having been done. They know […]

DECEMBER 27, 2014—LAW AND GRACE—2 Cor. 3:6

Many Christians struggle with the age old question of the law verses the Spirit; that is… how we should live. And, as is typical of man, he can only see that there are two choices, law or grace. So we have those who become bound by law to the point of dictating certain garments of clothing, certain colors and even what style of collars to be worn at the expense of not ever hearing the voice of God, […]

DECEMBER 26, 2014—BE STILL, BE STILL, BE STILL—Psalms 48; 10

Scripture promises that prayer brings answers to the degree that even the desires of our hearts are granted for those who have deep, abiding faith. (Mark 11; 24) But it seems to only be possible, to those who have experienced this extraordinary power of God, if we become quiet and still enough to hear his voice and be led by His Holy Spirit. And that is not an easy task as written by A. B. Simpson.

“I […]

DECEMBER 25, 2014—IF I HAD NOT COME—John 15:22

Christians all over the world are celebrating the birth of Christ. It is an event that is most precious to believers for His coming changed the course of history like no other event since the beginning of creation. The story of the birth of Jesus will be read in many homes this day to the delight of children and adults alike. But have you ever thought what it would be like if He had not come?

There would be no […]


When we scan the horizon of Christianity today or even delve into the gatherings of more serious believers we find a shocking lack of depth. Oh yes, we hear much talk about doctrine, programs for the needy, the need for prayer, about how we need God back in the schools, or how we should keep God in Christmas, all of which are true. But where are those who commune with God; those who hear his voice, experience […]


I met the Lord 30 years ago and not too long after that I read the Scripture that said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I believed that was true, intellectually, in a surface, shallow kind of way, but down deep there were questions in my mind. Surely, a person is required to work very hard to obtain what he wants in life in addition to […]


According to the encyclopedia there are over 40,000 Christian denominations. Why do you suppose that is?…Well, man wants the easy way, he wants to go to someone that he respects or looks up to (maybe a preacher or friend or famous movie star or athlete) and obtain the answer with very little effort on his part. And if that person says something that he doesn’t like he will go to someone else or to some other church or denomination. […]

DECEMBER 18, 2014—STANDING ALONE––1 Samual 23:18

On of the most beautiful pictures of friendship in Scripture is the account of David and Jonathan. Without question they loved and were loyal to each other. The story is spoken of often and rightfully so. But there is another side to that story that is of interest… and that is that Jonathan never separated himself from from the house of his ungodly father, King Saul.

“And they two make a covenant before the Lord; and David […]