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Nov.-Dec 2014

NOVEMBER 13,2014—THAT I MAY KNOW HIM—Philippians 3; 10

Perhaps the greatest Christian that ever lived, the most committed, the one who did more to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world than anyone else was Paul the apostle. And in Chapter three of Philippians Paul reveals his thoughts and motivations that tell a story as to why he was able to accomplish so much. First he explains to them that he is of the chosen people, the circumcision, a Jew of Jews, a teacher of […]

NOVEMBER 12, 2014—BELIEVING GOD—Acts 27: 25

Believing God is the substance of all that God has for man and unleashes His power in our lives. It comes to those, and only those, who diligently seek Him and are willing to give up everything else for Him. Mrs, Charles Cowman records an event in the life of George Mueller in her devotional “Streams in the Desert” as follows.

“I went to America some years ago with the captain of a steamer, who was a very […]

NOVEMBER 11, 2014—HUMILITY—1John 4: 20

The concept of humility lends itself to some very interesting observations. We can take a very shallow view and all agree that it is important and then press on with life as if we have covered the subject; at the same time wonder why the people around us just don’t seem to get the picture of what it is to be humble. It is very easy to humble ourselves before God and those in authority over us.(employer, preacher, civil […]

NOVEMBER 7, 2014—GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD—Genesis 50;20

Of all the accounts in Scripture, perhaps, the most dramatic and miraculous is that of Joseph. Stripped from his family, sold into slavery in Egypt, falsely accused and put in prison… and all this without a single word of despair. Did Joseph know that “all things work for good to them that love God”? Did he know that “Men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, what He hath prepared for […]

NOVEMBER 5, 2014—FORM OF GODLINESS—2 Timothy 3; 5

“One can be so proud of his doctrinal soundness that the Holy Spirit cannot convict him of the unsoundness of his life.  Vain men give to one another a special recognition as having great power and position in this heavenly kingdom by virtue of a proficient learning in languages and Biblical history, or skill in doctrinal analysis.

If the faith of illiterate fishermen did more for the establishment of the church in a few years than centuries of prodigious scholarship, […]

NOVEMBER 4, 2014—WOE IS ME—Isaiah 6; 5

In the nominal Christian world it is believed that as we are obedient in various areas of our life, attend church, give to the poor and show other outward signs, we become pretty good Christians. We don’t do any of the real bad things that the world participates in and so we go smugly on picking out doctrine that fit with our comfort level like eternal security and predestination. In this we reach a stagnant point of living […]

NOVEMBER 3, 2014—THE LORD SEES ALL—Revelation 14; 7

Most people today, Christians and some non Christians alike, have a vague understanding that our actions will be judged by God in the end. That thought is somewhere in the back of our minds and we wonder how that could be. Well, recently scientists have discovered a planet similar in size to the earth orbiting a star in the constellation Cygnus. They named it Kepler 186f and it is roughly 500 light years away from earth. They […]