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Sept.-Oct 2014


The key verse reads, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stqyed on thee”. Two questions stand out when contemplating this verse. What does it mean to be ‘stayed on thee’ and what is ‘perfect peace’? For those who are focused on Him, who are continually aware of His presence, pray (as much as it is possible) without ceasing, purpose to listen to that small voice, worship Him in spirit and truth and reflect an […]

SEPTEMBER 9, 2014—WELFARE—11 Thessalonians 3: 10

Welfare has become a curse in our nation, handed down from one generation to the next. In 1900 less than one tenth of one percent of the GNP was spent on welfare programs while today we spend nearly one half of the entire federal budget (trillions of dollars through 185 welfare programs) to feed and house those who are unwilling to work. Scripture says that “If any would not work, neither should he eat”. Many of the recipients […]

SEPTEMBER 5, 2014—JUDGMENT—Matthew 7: 2

Webster says that to judge is ‘to appraise indiscriminately as an expert’ but the question becomes ‘Who is the expert?’. There are many in the Christian community that think they are qualified for that job. It is, perhaps, the one thing that turns more people off than any other and is the reason church attendance is low. The sad thing is that for the most part they are correct for often the lives of ‘Christians’ are no different […]


In a world of chaos, war, stress and continual trouble the best way to describe the Christian life is that ‘He gives quietness”. When the storm came and He awoke from His sleep He declared “Peace be still” and the wind and waves ceased. In Psalms He admonishes us to “Be still and know that I am God”. When his people were surrounded by enemy forces He often brought peace and quiet by destroying the enemy without there […]

SIPTEMBER 2, 2014—FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE—1 Corinthians 13: 13

These are three lasting qualities of the Christian faith but the greatest of these is love. Love is the foundation of the Christian faith. As Christians we are to love God with all our heart and soul and love our fellow man; those who are easy to love and those who would do harm to us as well. Love is so powerful that Scripture says that if we truly love our fellow man this way we will […]


People today put their faith in all sorts of things; money, appearance, fame, physical achievements, philosophy, academics, religion, family, charity, education and all sorts of clubs and organizations. It is almost universally believed that these endeavors will bring happiness and or some sort of lasting benefit to the world. And there are some efforts that can be counted as worthy contributions. However, in the big picture, in the long run, they are at best fleeting efforts […]

WHO ARE YOU—Col. 3;2-3

Upon entering God’s presence in the morning hour, a great deal depends upon our realizing not only who God is but who we are and what our relationship to God is. The question “Who are you?” is asked (not in words but in spirit) of each one who claims right of access and an audience with the Most High. We must have an answer in our inmost consciousness; and that consciousness must be a living sense of the place […]