There is a strange imperative given in Scripture that is only given to the spiritually mature follower of Christ. It says, “Concerning the work of my hands, command ye me.” (Isaiah 45;11) The clear meaning of this verse is that God is requiring that His people actually command Him to do work and it can be shown by Scripture that if they, His people, will not… the Lord will not move. A carefulness is required here because a shallow or nominal Christian that attempts this will find that it will not bring results; for to him it is just an attempt to be “as gods” and that has been going on since Adam and Eve. What we are talking about here is one who has totally and completely given up everything in life to serve the living God and has absolutely no agenda of his own.

Moses had that kind of relationship when he led God’s people out of Egypt but it only came after he had spent 40 years in the wilderness. The Lord then said, “Now I will send you back to Egypt.” (Acts 7;34) Joshua used it in his greatest victory when he lifted his spear and said, “O son, stand still”. But, again, he had spent 40 years under Moses, time to cultivate a relationship that would allow him to do this. Elijah employed it when he commanded the rain to stop for three and one half years and then started it up again. And then there is the remarkable story when he called for fire from heaven for the sacrifice in front of the idolatrous people of Israel. Martin Luther used it when he forbid death to overtake his friend Melanchthon. By the power of God, these men changed the course of history.

Knowing this, that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, are we so lacking focus on spiritual things that we are unable to have this kind of power, from God, in our lives? Are there so many THINGS that distract us in life that we will never reach that kind of relationship with the Lord? If it is true, what the Bible says, that God has given man a responsibility to ‘command ye me’…how much work goes incomplete because we are unaware, unwilling or unable to spiritually rise to the occasion? And will there be those lost because of it? The Christian life is serious business. It is not a part time faith or something we employ from time to time as we feel the need. It is what we have “in him, we live, and move, and have our being;”. Acts 17;28.

Faith is a living power from heav’n
Which grasps the promise God has given;
Securely fixed on Christ alone,
A trust that cannot be o’er-thrown. (Faith is a Living Power from Heaven)

Posted on December 24th, 2013