One of the most amazing things about our relationship with God is to realize that He has given us a part in His plan for redemption. It seems sometimes that it would have been much simpler if He had just ‘DONE IT’ and not given us a part, seeing as though we are so resistant at every spiritual turn. There are some who, as Christians, think that God must do everything, we can just sit. Then there are those who try to do it all on their own, which does not work. The fact is that man’s job is to till the soil and plant the seed. It is God’s job to water it and make it grow. It is man’s job to manage his cattle and provide proper grazing and it is God’s job to cause them to grow and reproduce. And so it is in man’s life here on this earth; man has his job and God has His. The question is do we have it clear as to whose is whose.

The problem is that if we try to do it on our own, it becomes a burden and weight that we cannot carry. There is no freedom or joy in life and it will almost always result in failure. This way is characteristic of those who claim to be Christian but have a shallow relationship with Him, attend church occasionally and pray when in trouble. On the other side when our focus is entirely on the Lord and we are obedient to His call, we “meditate in His word day and night”, “pray without ceasing”, and “wait on the Lord”, there is peace, rest and joy. While HE is working miracles around us all we have to do is sit back and watch His plan and purpose unfold.

To come to the position described here sounds easy and quick but it’s not. It takes years of dedication and close fellowship with the Lord. But the result is sure and if we want it bad enough it will result in becoming ‘A laborer together with God’. But be careful, if you embark on this journey of deeper faith and service and later you hesitate when God tells you something, you endanger your standing in grace. ‘To whom much is given, much is required.’

Thine for service when the days are drear,
Thine for service when the skies are clear;
Yes, Thine for service thro’ the coming years
I am Thine for service Lord . . . (Thine for Service)