To the faithful, God promises to hear and answer prayer. The only real requirement is that we have the faith, not only that He could answer if He wanted to, but that He will answer. Further, He has stated that He will give precisely what we ask for, the desires of our heart, along with the necessities of life.
“Whatever things you ask when ye pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:24).
There is no room for misunderstanding here. God is faithful to His word in all things. So why does it seem to us that sometimes He does not hear our cry of desperation. Well, while He promises to hear and answer, He (to my knowledge) never promises when, except to say that He will answer without delay. The Lord has given us a number of reasons for delay. He waited to come to Lazarus’s aid to perform a greater miracle ~ namely to raise him from the dead. He often waits to send the answer to prepare the most complete gift. It’s possible that the answer He sends can be held up by evil forces as in the case of Daniel. Sometimes He is testing our faith. But more often than any is that He is preparing us to be able to receive what He has for us and this is the area that we must look at first. Is our faith and trust in Him (which is the key to receiving anything from the Lord) strong enough to warrant the gift that He so longs to give us?

We look at the time before the answer comes as a very difficult time, one in which we suffer greatly. But we must change our thinking and realize that this is the time of great spiritual substance and opportunity. It is when we build our faith in Him by meditating in His word day and night, a time we learn to live in His presence, a time we become one with Him and a time we come to understand what it means to worship Him in spirit and in truth. It is, perhaps, the only time in life when we have the opportunity to KNOW HIM as He is. Be assured, the answer will come when the gift is prepared and the giver is spiritually ready to receive it.

Oh! The sweet foretaste of heaven,
That with angels we may share!
When with God we hold communion,
At the golden gate of prayer . . . (At the Golden Gate of Prayer)