It would not be proper to downplay the importance of correct doctrine in the Christian faith except to say it pales in comparison to an intimate touch from our Lord Jesus Christ. The soul is in serious danger when the knowledge of doctrine outweighs the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. The law and doctrine were standard operating procedure in the Old Testament and, sadly, they remain a hindrance in the New. When the Galatians reverted back to the law after experiencing the leading of the Spirit, Paul said “You have fallen from grace”.

There was a very successful businessman who after being asked what he attributed his success to said, “You have to know when to bend or even break the rules.” And so it is in the Christian walk, for Jesus seemed to break the rules at every turn. But He was of a higher calling . . . and so are we. There will be those on the far left spiritually that will say, “That means that we do not have to follow the law, it is dead” and there are those on the far right spiritually that will say “The law is our complete guide for living”. Neither have the picture! The entire book of Hebrews has an overall message or theme and that is, ‘The law, as given by God, is perfect but what we have now in the leading of the Holy Spirit is better than perfect.’

The Christian life can be compared to a grand ship that has been built to haul cargo. It can remain in the harbor for all to see and admire or it can perform what it was designed to do and sail the high seas, delivering precious cargo to all parts of the world. There is safety in remaining in the harbor but neither is there any reward. Contrariwise there is great danger at sea but it is what the ship was designed to do.

We have a choice! We can either choose to simply follow the rules and be absolutely safe or we can listen for the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit, the Lord’s sailing orders, the small voice, that may put us in harms way but furthers the cause of Christ. The key verse says “He calls by name” . . . are we listening?

All the way my saviour leads me,
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt His tender mercy?
Who through life has been my guide? . . . (All the Way My Saviour Leads Me)