In Luke chapter 8 our Lord was in the middle of a crowd, pressed on all sides, when He declared “Someone touched me”. It wasn’t the jostling of the throng but a touch of healing that took something out of Him. The woman with the issue of blood believed that if she could just touch the hem of His garment she could be healed . . . and so it was. When Jesus saw the woman He said, “Your faith has made you well”. Have you ever witnessed to someone or a group over a period of time and become spiritually exhausted? You have repeatedly spoken the truth and tried to live so as to demonstrate the wonder of Godly living but they just don’t seem to get the picture. Perhaps, they are family or friends that you long could see the light. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all could respond like the woman with an issue and see that salvation is in the Lord? But we must not despair, for the lot of the Christian is to be spent for those around us. Jesus said to Peter, “Feed my sheep”. We must be broken bread and poured out wine for those who are blind, at least until they can see the vision and begin to feed themselves.

Often one can feel that he has been drained to the last drop of virtue. Fortunately, there is an endless supply of truth and strength available to us from above. The only way to continue to be faithful to the Lord and the lost is to draw on that strength so as not to become weary of well doing. We owe that and much more to the Lord for the love, peace, joy and abundant life He has so freely given. Yes, we are our brother’s keeper!

All ye saints of light proclaim,
Jesus the light of the world;
Life and mercy in His name,
Jesus, the light of the world.

We’ll walk in the light, beautiful light,
Come where the dewdrops of mercy are bright,
Shine all around us by day and by night,
Jesus, the light of the world . . . (Jesus, the Light of the World)