When Moses was in Egypt in Pharaoh’s house, he attempted to right some wrongs for his people by his own hand. He was highly educated, capable and in a position to accomplish very much. But the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob was not first and foremost in his life and when he killed the Egyptian for abusing one of his people it utterly failed and he fled Egypt.

He spent the next forty years in the wilderness tending the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law. And although we don’t know a lot about that time period, apparently Moses was in training for God had a very special assignment for him; to lead His people out of Egypt. Finally God got his attention by means of a burning bush, called his name “Moses, Moses” and got a response from a man that, up till now, was unfit for the task. Although, unknown to him, he had been receiving instruction for many years, it was only now that he was ready. Moses finally recognized who was in the bush and responded by saying “Here am I”.

How long will it take and what kind of ‘burning bush’ will it take for us to recognize who is calling and what is His purpose for our lives? How long will it take for us to get our eyes off the material things of this world, position ourselves in HIS presence (pray and meditate) and be still enough to hear His voice? Why is it so many of us live in the dark for so long? Why is it that although He is speaking… we do not hear and give no response?

It seems that we are so busy telling God what we want and what we would like to do that our vision is clouded and eyes blind to what HE has for us. A burning bush gives light, warmth, vision and direction. May we position ourselves and be ready for that ‘burning bush’ in our own lives, whatever form it takes, and respond by saying
“Hear Am I”.

Lord, give me light to do Thy work,
For only, Lord, from Thee
Can come the light, by which these eyes
The way of life can see…(Send Me Light)