The rich young ruler came to Jesus asking what he must do to receive eternal life for he explained that he had followed all the commandments from his youth. Jesus responded by saying “Yet lackest thou one thing”, “Sell all that thou hast, and distribute to the poor”. The young man was very rich and apparently he found this too hard to do for, although he was very sorrowful, he gives no response and the conversation ends.

There are many who read this passage, pass over it lightly, and conclude that it is a good thing they are not rich, that way they don’t have to worry about the consequences. But that is not the real message here. We, as true Christians, are to “sell all that thou hast” which includes fame, work, accomplishments, popularity, talent, appearance and, yes, even family and friends, for the sake of following Jesus. We are to give up our idea of what Jesus wants in favor of He Himself, knowing Him personally and intimately. It’s the difference between trying to follow the Old Testament law and living the new “law of liberty” in Christ. These thoughts are difficult to accept for those who hold on to their own agenda but pure beauty to those who “abide in Him” and embraced this light. It, once embraced, is the peace, rest and joy of Christian living.

We should note that, as with the young ruler, Jesus did not pursue him to change his mind. The young man heard the answer to his question, he clearly understood the choice before him, but turned away. And although he was sad, that sadness would, in time, pass and he could go about his business as before. Could it be that this was his time to choose and that the opportunity would never present itself again?

What is it in our lives that we consider to be rich in? And have we postponed obedience, turned and walked away? It has been said that if we are disobedient to what the Lord asks of us, we run the risk of removing ourselves from under His grace. So, let us not forget that “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and be diligent in our walk with HIM.

Jesus is standing in Pilate’s’ hall-
Friendless, forsaken, betrayed by all;
Hearken! What meaneth the sudden call!
What will you do with Jesus … (What Will You do With Jesus)