There can be a certain measure of peace that is derived from knowing ABOUT our Lord, reading His word, and understanding the principles and doctrines He stands for. And although many who practice these principles do not know Him personally and intimately, and would be considered nominal or lukewarm as far as their commitment is concerned; nevertheless there are advantages to following His precepts whether you believe totally in Him or not. There are even professing unbelievers who have benefited from these principles as they readily admit that they do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The fact is these principles work! Practices like honesty, consideration, fairness, giving to the less fortunate, and many, many other programs that have been set up for the benefit of others. They are all good and bring a certain incomplete measure of peace. They allow us to say ‘I’m not completely selfish’ and ‘I am doing the right thing’. But it is a temporary, incomplete short lived peace that man can provide himself.

Our Lord did not say “I will give you peace”, He said “MY peace I will give you”. It is the peace that only our Lord possesses (it belongs to Him). It is total peace (not just a measure of peace) and is only given to those who commune with Him daily, know His voice and abide in Him. It is a peace that recognizes that ‘all things work for good to those who believe’; a peace that allows ‘our hearts not to be troubled’.

This distinction can be found in all of our dealings with the Lord; for example with joy. Jesus said, “That My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full” (John 15; 11). The substance of Christian living is not to conjure up fleeting human peace or joy by doing certain things, but rather to look upon His face, abide in Him, and be led by His Holy Spirit in order to receive HIS peace and HIS Joy which will never depart. This huge difference is as the difference between black and white or spiritual life and death.

Peace, perfect peace! Love, perfect love!
Sweeping o’er my soul in heav’nly tides!
Rest, perfect rest! Joy, perfect joy!
Is mine since the Holy Ghost abides…(Since the Holy Ghost Abides)