In the last chapter of John, the disciples, Peter and John, are asking Jesus who will betray Him and what are the events of the end. Jesus responds with “What is that to you, You follow me”? One of the greatest mistakes Christians make in dealing with others, who are hurting in one way or another, is to rush to their rescue and in doing so interfere with God’s working in that persons life. There is a very delicate balance between ‘helping those who hurt’ and ‘interfering with God’s order.’ We have all seen parents who continually come to the aid of their children and the result is the child becomes spoiled and selfishly expects to be bailed out of every situation, taking no responsibility on his own. There are times when we should come to a child’s aid and there are times when we shouldn’t.

There are far reaching lessons in this illustration given by our Lord. It is impossible for man to simply study and establish a doctrine or set of rules that applies to each and every situation as they pertain to the problems of others. It may even be more ridiculous to think that the advise of several others can assure the right direction to take. But it is exactly what we attempt to do, because it is easier to seek counsel and establish guidelines rather than humble ourselves and wait for word from the Lord. It is for this reason that in all of the situations and relationships that the Christian finds himself, he must be led by the Holy Spirit of God. Human attempts to establish direction is always wrong.

The answer to all of this was spoken by our Lord in verse 22 in three words, “You follow me”. The total gospel of Jesus Christ in the New Testament order is to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all the areas of life, be it in our lives or in how we relate to the lives of those around us. And in order to do that we must be in continual communion with HIM, day by day and hour by hour.

When someone is hurting, the Spirit may come to us and say “Go immediately to their rescue” or He may say “Go to them and offer comfort” or He may say “What is that to thee”. The test of the true faith is to know the difference!

Spirit so holy, Spirit of love,
Spirit so gentle, Sent from above;
Priceless possession, Purchase of blood,
Good beyond measure, Gift of our Lord… (Spirit So Holy)