The concept of humility lends itself to some very interesting observations. We can take a very shallow view and all agree that it is important and then press on with life as if we have covered the subject, and at the same time wonder why the people around us just don’t seem to get the picture of what it is to be humble. It is very easy to humble ourselves before God and those in authority over us (employer, preacher, civil authorities etc.) This is the requirement of all good citizens . . . but that is not what we are talking about in the true Christian sense. Jesus humbled himself to the Father, of course, but also to man who is far inferior to Him. But, further, He humbled himself to those who persecuted and killed him.


Man has an inherent ability to speak one thing and do the opposite and not even recognize the difference. It is, perhaps, the defining characteristic of his fallen nature and the very thing we must overcome by the wisdom that is provided to us from above. The only true Christian humility is that which is carried with us in life and shared with those beneath our station. That is the true test; the measuring stick of our faith! As a minister, have we humbled ourselves to our parishioners? As a father, have we humbled ourselves to our family, children? As a teacher, have we humbled ourselves to our students? It’s not the act of humility, but the spirit of humility that we project in life and radiate from us.


The Christian life comes as a package and humility is very much parallel to true love. A Christian must not only love those who love him but he must love those who hate him. The same is true of humility, and the true believer must project both of these attributes to those around him. That is what defines his faith and gives spiritual power to his witness. These, then, are the concepts that separate the true from the nominal Christian. Do we project that spirit of humility or do we just live a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof.


Kind and loving to each other,

Gentle words to all we meet

Thus we follow Christ our Saviour,

Proving all His service sweet . . . (Love Each Other)