In the third chapter of Ecclesiastes we are told there is a “time to laugh” and His word seems to demonstrate that He has somewhat of a sense of humor, dry as it may be. In 1 Samuel 5 the Philistines placed the captured ark of the covenant in front of their god Dagon but in the morning he had fallen and was face down in front of the ark. The next day after setting him back up they came to find the same result. Proverbs says “It is better to live on the corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife”. And Scripture teaches us that the “wisdom of man is but foolishness to God”. If we really think about it there are many humorous things in Scripture.

But God’s sense of humor reaches its height in the new testament where almost everything is unexpected and preposterous. The King of Kings is born in a manger and dies as a criminal on the cross. He teaches us that the first are last and the last will be first, those who loose their life will find it and real life (eternal) comes after we die. The foolish confound the wise and the weak conquer the strong. His word continually tells us how important theology is and yet says that God is incomprehensible.

Although it may not fall under the category of humor it is somewhat ironic that while the trumpet judgments of Revelation are beginning to sound (the first being an increase in natural disasters, the second being a currency/economic crisis and the third the political and economic collapse of nations) the most powerful leader in the world’s name is Trump. Could it be that during his tenure we will see the beginning of the end. It is certain that throughout history our gracious God has warned His own about events to come and the trumpets of Revelation are the mild warnings of judgment to come for man’s embracing sin.

The wisest man who ever lived had it right, “Fear God and keep His commandments” and while we do remember to embrace the humor contained in His marvelous plan of redemption for His own.