We often speak of the need to wait on God as being one of the most difficult things to do. But could it be that for the most part He is the One that waits on us. We ask for a certain thing in prayer, He hears and then begins to work to prepare us for the answer he desires to give. Malachi chapter 3 speaks of giving the Lord His due and blessings will follow that are beyond our ability to receive. There are many examples of ‘open floodgates’ in Scripture, Moses, Abraham. Joseph, Joshua, Daniel, Gideon, David, Paul and John. Some blessings were in battle, some in riches and some in spiritual eyes for the future of mankind. We can see it in the founding of our nation, which has been blessed beyond our wildest imagination, at least up to this point.

In our own personal lives the ‘floodgates of heaven’ are also open when we have committed our lives to him, abide in Him, believe all that He has said, hear His voice, look forward to obeying His every imperative and worship Him in Spirit and truth. As we consider all this, it is easy to see that He is waiting on us, not the other way around. Have we done all we can to position ourselves so that we can receive the blessings. It is not unlike how we relate to our own children. If we have a child that is obedient and submissive we long to give them good gifts because we know that they will not take advantage of what we do for them. On the other hand if we have a child that is difficult to reason with and always trying to get out from under the rules, We are not so anxious to bless with things. We say we will wait to see if that child will straightens up.

It is really very simple! We are the ones who want what we want and have not submitted to the authority of the Lord. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way” (Is. 53;6) We have not been obedient and submissive. May we seek to change the things error in and renew our commitment to the Lord!

Saviour teach me day by day,
Love’s sweetest lessons to obey;
Sweeter lessons cannot be,
Loving Him who first loved me. (Saviour teach me day by day)

Posted on February 18th, 2014