Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in Christianity today is how God speaks to man. The purest form of communication existed before the fall when God spoke to Adam and Eve in a soft, gentle voice in the Garden in the cool of the day. There was no question about it; God spoke, man listened and obeyed! Then for 4000 years after the fall God “at sundry times spake … unto the fathers by the prophets”. (Hebrews 1;1) During this period, a time when man was alienated from truth, God spoke in many different ways to different individuals. To Moses He spoke by means of a burning bush, on the mountain, by writing with His finger on stone. And to the prophets He spoke by dreams and visions, and signs and wonders. But today God speaks to us “by His Son”. Through regeneration God restores to every man who believes a measure of communication not unlike it was with Adam before the fall. So, why so much confusion? Well, because ‘nominal Christianity’ dominates the day, that is those who profess with their mouth but have no substance in their walk. Really it is a contradiction in terms because you cannot be nominal and be Christian. Just a Adam and Eve hid behind the trees in the Garden after disobeying God , this huge group of nominal ones hide behind the trees of reason, philosophy, intellectualism, theology and, yes, even the written word. They say they believe the word and intellectually try to be obedient to it but are never really sure of His voice and live half way between faith and human emotion. The true follower of Christ, on the other hand, and there are few, spends his day in the presence of God, devotes large blocks of time to His Word, prayer and meditation, prays without ceasing, and maintains a ear for the voice of God. This mindset is present all day as he goes about His work, somewhat a miracle in itself. And when God speaks, he is ready to receive and knows, beyond any doubt, the voice. “My sheep know my voice”.

The fact is that the Bible will lie dead to the reader until a voice is heard speaking through it, the Holy Spirit. The difference is so dramatic between the nominal reader and the few, true believers of faith, it will often result in accusations toward the true Christian. One has only to look at the lives of Christ and His followers throughout history to see this; the nominal religious establishment persecuting the true, set apart, man of faith, one who knows the voice of God. This individual is often called a ‘heretic’ and the use of that word is even further verification that what is being said here is true. Webster says that a heretic is “a person who holds a belief that is different from the accepted belief of his church, school, profession or other group”. The question is, ‘is it more important to follow the voice of God or simply accept the interpretation that is given by the denomination of our choice?’ What has God told you today?

Blind unbelief is sure to err.
And scan His work in vain;
God is His own interpreter,
And He will make it plain. (God Moves in Mysterious Ways)

Posted on February 21st, 2014