Several years ago there was a report in the newspaper that scientists had discovered a new star. That’s not so unusual but they said that it was going in two different directions and that simply wasn’t possible. I didn’t follow up on the newspaper account to find out what happened in the end but that much of the story serves to illustrate a point. Man has certain human limitations that he simply will not be able to overcome, comprehending the infinite is one of them. If we limit ourselves to human reasoning or intellectual pursuit of the understanding of Scripture we simply will not grasp the spiritual. The fact is that Truth is not discerned through the mind but through revelation from God, from His Spirit to our new spirit through regeneration.

Take, for example, the distorted view of the doctrine of eternal vs. conditional security. There are those that believe that once you accept the Lord as your Savior nothing you do in the future can cause you to fall again. You are eternally secure. On the other side there are those who hold that your salvation is conditional and depends on your obedience to the Word. To listen to individuals arguing this point reminds us of two six year old children; One says “you did it”, the other says “No I didn’t”, “Yes you did”, “No I didn’t”, “Yes you did”, “No I didn’t” and on it goes. Man has an ongoing bent; it’s in his nature, to want to either bring God down to his level or raise himself up to God’s. In an effort to do that he tells God, “You only have two choices in the matter, it’s either eternal or conditional security and there is no in between”. How foolish! We serve an all knowing, omnipotent God and He is not limited to conform to man’s demands to fit in a box or be limited to choice A or B.

The truth is that these two positions are not incompatible. It is true that we are eternally secure and “no man can pluck us out of His hand”. It is also true that we “must be faithful unto death” in order to receive the “crown of life”. God has an infinite number of choices when it comes to deciding the true character of man, not just two. Observing this continual debate, which has gone on for centuries, simply broadcasts the fact that man is still doing what Adam and Eve did in the Garden, deciding that THEY will decide what is right and wrong instead of God. Before we can grow and mature in the knowledge of God we must accept that God is sovereign; man is nothing in comparison. Perhaps we need to just accept the fact that both doctrines are true, allow God to judge, and press on to the important things of God. Maybe someday we will be able to understand eternity and even that a star can go in two different directions.

There are other perverted views of Christian doctrine like predestination, and law vs. grace, all of which contribute to the fact that there are over 40,000 different Christian denominations around the world. No wonder Jesus asked “If he would find faith on earth when He returned”?

Into our hands the Gospel is given,
Into our hands is given the light,
Haste, let us carry God’s precious message,
Guiding the erring back to the right. (Into Our Hands)

Posted on February 22nd, 2014