As a continuation of yesterdays post on the doctrine of non-resistance I will relate an experience that I had many years ago. As a child I had always wanted to fly so after college I joined the Navy and began flight school. It was a grueling 2 year program culminated by learning to land on an aircraft carrier. During that time of training we were constantly told that we were the best trained pilots in the world, the creme of the crop, flying the best airplanes. This all at the time the Viet Nam war was cranking up and we knew that we were destined to go soon. We believed that we were going to fight against an evil enemy, for our country, democracy, our families and God Himself. We were totally convinced that we were 100% in the right and it would be disgraceful to not be willing to fight. After this kind of training we were excited to go and looked forward to the challenge.

After several warm up missions over South Viet Nam we turned our attention to the north where fortifications were much heavier in the way of anti-aircraft artillery and surface to air missiles. On one particular mission near a large city we suddenly began to see what appeared to be red wires coming up from the ground past our aircraft. It took a second for it to register that they were tracers from 135 mm canons and they had us on their radar. It shouldn’t have been a surprise because we had been trained to expect this…but it was! It infuriated me and in anger we rolled in on that gun site with the intention of destroying it and everything around it. And here is the point! In almost an instant in time I changed from a young man with noble intentions of protecting country, family and Christianity to a hateful person exactly like the enemy I was fighting. From that moment on all I wanted to do was kill them and as many as I could. All the noble intentions had taken flight. Over the nest year and a half we inflicted much damage and many innocent people were killed. It is sad to say and hard to admit that I had become a person who didn’t care. I had changed!

As we ponder the life of Christ, can we even imagine Him putting on a uniform and joining the army? Which side would He choose? How could He then love His enemy if He was trying to kill them? Scripture says that we, as Christians, are to get along with our fellow man so far as it is in us. And in our drug crazed society all this is not to say that an out of control person should not be restrained from time to time but for the most part we should love our enemies, practice non-resistance not only in war but in business, society, within the family, between friends and neighbors. This doctrine is basically foreign to modern Christians today but it is what distinguishes us from the world. Without embracing this cornerstone of the Christian faith it is impossible to live as we should live, witness to those around us and in the end… please God.

Jesus calls us, o’er the tumult of our life’s wild, restless sea;
Day by day His sweet voice soundeth, Saying; “Christian follow me”…(Jesus Calls Us)

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