The Holy Spirit of God comes to those who are obedient to every word that ‘proceeds out of His mouth’. This is not a complicated theological principal that is known by only the elite and highly educated man. In fact it is for the most part missed by them as a result of their educational indoctrinations. It is a basic spiritual principal known to the common man; the man that is genuinely longing for truth and that personal relationship with the Lord.

The obedience that we are talking about here is not a rote and forced adherence to the law as written in the Old Testament, an obedience that one reluctantly agrees to do even though his heart is not in it. We are talking about an obedience to the New Testament ‘Law of Liberty’ as outlined in James 1; 25. Those who understand this difference know that the ‘Law of Liberty’ that Christ brought is far superior to what existed before. And those who now follow Christ do not do so reluctantly but long to be obedient to Him, look for things to be obedient to and ‘search their own hearts to see if there be any wicked way in them’. As a consequence they are led by the Holy Spirit. This is the only and most basic requirement to hearing from God and following the Holy Spirit.

So, we ask ourselves; Have we been obedient in our finances, in loving and supporting friends and family, church participation and fellowship, helping and giving to the poor and hurting, boldly witnessing to the lost, praying without ceasing, loving our enemies, visiting the sick, helping the widows and orphans, faithful in reading and meditating in His word and the list goes on and on. If we long to be close to Him, long to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit we must first demonstrate that we are obedient to all that He asks. Then we will be able to say that ‘the Lord spoke to me’ and I know His voice.

Our Lord was obedient for 30 years and then the Holy Spirit descended upon Him and power was given to do miraculous things. The same principal holds for every member of the body of Christ; to whatever degree is is obedient he will receive from the Lord and be able to pass it on to others.

Holy Spirit, all divine,
Dwell within this heart of mine;
Cast down every idle throne;
Reign supreme, and reign alone…(Holy Spirit, with Light Divine)