According to the key verse the Christian is to continually attempt to humble himself before God and man and in due time the Lord will exalt him. That’s strange! In a world where we are taught from an early age to work hard, strive for wealth, be competitive, aggressive, and win at whatever we do it seems odd to then be asked by the Lord to take a step back, go slow, consider others before ourselves, don’t worry about riches; rather spend time in His Word and prayer. To say that the TRUE Christian life goes against the grain of what we have learned in the world is an understatement. Although the change that the Lord desires does not come to the new believer all at once, over time, if he is an earnest seeker, he will experience the joy and power of God that so overshadows the temporary and fleeting pleasures of the world that he felt before, he will wonder where he has been all his life.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, we are not lifted up in the eyes of those around us by giving them correction or forcefully teaching them the way of the Christian life (although there is a place for that) but rather in humbling ourselves before them. An aggressive approach to the truth of the gospel is a poor witness compared to a humbling of one’s self before others. Have you humbled yourself before your wife for the caring of the family she has done, or your children for the joy they have brought, or your coworkers for their service, or your parents for the sacrifice they have made on your behalf or your spiritual leaders for their service? Have you asked those how, when the opportunity arises, you could be a better husband, father, friend, boss or neighbor? These are the things that lift us up, endear us to others and witness to the Christian life. The aggressive approach will not!

Jesus came under the humblest of circumstances, considered others before himself, met every need of those He came in contact with physically and spiritually, washed the feet of those in His charge and died for the sins of all humanity. As a result He has been exalted above every name. The promise is divine and sure, he that humbles himself will be exalted.

Humility thou secret vale,
Unknown to proud in heart;
Where show’rs of blessing never fail,
And glories ne’er depart…(Humility Thou Secret Vale)