The theme of Ephesians is “in Christ” for the phrase is used over 20 times in the book. And here in the first few verses we are told, in summery form, of what we have: “all spiritual spiritual blessing” in Him. That covers a lot of ground and Paul follows up in the next 11 verses (one long sentence) a list of what that involves. We find that He “chose us in Him”: “predestined us to adoption as sons”; “accepted in the Beloved”; “redemption through His blood”; “in Him you also trusted”; and “were sealed with the Holy Spirit”. We are here promised EVERY spiritual blessing, not just one or two or a little bit but EVERY blessing.

Now just for a moment hold that thought. As a true believer, one who knows the voice of God and is led by the Holy Spirit (not a lukewarm or nominal believer who knows nothing of the deeper Christina life) we know that the spiritual realm is the SUBSTANCE or real thing while the physical is the SHADOW or unreal and temporary part of our existence. This is difficult to keep in mind sometimes for we are bound to some degree in the “body of this death” however man is offered and encouraged to embark on this journey from the physical to the spiritual. It can only be accomplished “in Christ” and will prepare us for the eternity to follow. And there is an eternity for all, believers and unbelievers.

It is a wonderful thing to know that we serve a God who answers prayer for even the physical needs and ‘desires of our hearts’ if we have the faith to believe that He will. But beyond these temporal blessings there are deep and profound Spiritual blessings that will lead us along a path of life that is exciting, surprising and full of power and wonder. We must just hang on for the ride and wonder what His next leading will be. To experience this the Lord said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” (Matthew 6; 33).

Tis true, oh, yes tis true,
God’s wonderful promise is true;
For I’ve trusted and tested, and tried it,
And I know God’s promise if true…(I Know God’s Promise Is True)