There is a healing that is seldom heard about from the pulpit and most are not even aware of. It is the healing balm that comes with being a child of God. The key verse says, “I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.” Even the few who know of this promise either have not had the faith to apply it to their own selves or have passed over it because they assume that this only applies to the Old Testament. Both are wrong, they apply to us today as much as then. The reason it is not so often recognized is that it is not usually instantaneously manifested but occurs over time almost in proportion to the believers relationship with the Lord. I know of a woman who was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago and the disease has not progressed over all that time. I also know a man who the Doctors said had cancer but it also has not progressed in many years. Both have fully believed and trusted in the Lord. This is not to advocate going to the Lord and ignore the Doctors at all; it is to say that there is a higher authority that cares for His own and effects healing in ways other than what we envision healing to be and, further, that we are to go to HIM first with all of our burdens.

The problem here and the reason this is not so commonly known is our unbelief. In our minds we know that healing for the body, soul and spirit are available to the believer but often it is masked by common misguided perceptions as to who it is for and how it all should take place. Most basic is the fact that it is for His own people… and who, might we ask, would that be? Is it for the nominal, lukewarm and halfhearted believer who has one foot in the Church and one in the world. I think Not! It’s for the true seeker who is obedient and longs to know Him personally and truly is a child of God. The one who firmly trusts in the Lord will have the joy of receiving from Him the healing of the body and knowing that it takes place in a manner worthy of God”s leading. As always it comes down to our faith and choosing to trust God.

There is an unseen hand to me,
That leads thro’ ways I cannot see;
While going thro’ this would of woe,
This hand still leads me as I go…(The Unseen Hand)