Psalms 32 is believed to have been written by David just after he repented of his sin with Bath-sheba for his first statement in the Psalm is “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven”… If we go back and read the account of that episode between David and Bath-sheba it appears that he did not have a clue as to what he was getting into. In fact, it came as a complete surprise to him when Nathan told him what he had done.

First, we must understand that man’s vision is not totally clear concerning anything. It is part of his nature to not see things truly as they are. He doesn’t completely understand science, nature, medicine, social behavior or many other aspects of life. While it is true that man has learned many things, his vision is clouded at best. When God created man it was intended that He (God) lead. Man was to follow and worship Him and live in the garden… But man decided he would take his own way.

As we read on in Psalms 32 it is clear that David learned his lesson; he realized that he could not see clearly and he reminds us of what God said, “I will instruct thou and teach you in the way which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye”. This Psalm reveals the change in his heart and passes the instruction on to those that follow him. Man needs the Lord to lead him day by day and hour by hour. As we spend time with Him, preferable each morning before the day begins, He will ‘guide us with his eye’, keep us from trouble, and ‘compass us with wings of deliverance’. (vs. 7) The eye is the window to the soul! When we embrace the ‘guiding eye of the Lord each day’, it will make us aware of His presence and our lives will change for the better.

Amazing grace! how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost but now I’m found,
Was blind but now I see. (Amazing Grace)