Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words, on page 876, gives the only synonym for ‘fatherless’ as ‘defenseless’. If we ponder the meaning of ‘fatherless’ for just a moment it will become clear what has happened to our nation over the last hundred to one hundred and fifty years. When the industrial revolution began, a need arose for factory workers and men began to leave the small farm and family business to work in the cities. The children were no longer able to tag alone with dad but were forced to stay home with mom and the valuable guidance from dad was lost. Then the world wars came along and things got worse. It was necessary that mom go to work in the factories to support the war effort and the children were even more depraved of guidance. Well, the moms got used to working and today we have what are called ‘latch key kids’ who stay at home or go to a babysitter while the parents work and they have lost virtually all parental guidance. We do this, we say, to provide a better life for our children. But They are left to fend for themselves and establish their own rules and values. And that is where we find ourselves today… facing a generation of coming adults with very few values and little regard for the well being of others. This tragedy is being recognized by some who are calling it the greatest problem of our time. It will mark the end of the American dream as we have known it.

At the same time, and very much expected in the spiritual realm, God has been set aside as our heavenly Father and the results are having even a greater effect on the deterioration of our society. Children cannot grow and develop without their earthly fathers any more that man can grow and develop without his heavenly Father. Our nation is on the very verge of collapse because of the loss of the social and spiritual values that our earthly and heavenly fathers bring. This might all be expected in the world but even Christians, or those who call themselves Christian, are sacrificing their own offspring for money and a higher standard of living in the big businesses of the city. God said to “come out from among them and be ye separate’, live a simple life, work with your hands and teach your children “when thou liest down and when thou risest up”. Our children spend many hours in public school learning the ways of the world, more time with the babysitter and the rest in front of the television set exposed to trash and pornography. How can we expect them to turn out right? Just how much are we willing to sacrifice for the well being of our children? Is the simple life and a lower standard of living too great a price?

Our Father’s wondrous works we see,
In the earth and sea and sky;
He rules o’er all in majesty,
From His royal throne on high. (What a Mighty God We Serve)