The children of Israel went to Moses and said, “You speak to us…but let not God speak with us”. Although that conversation took place 3500 years ago the same could be said for today. It’s not that Christians willfully disobey the Lord, it’s simply that they do not know Him well enough to hear His voice and they go through life ‘knowing about Him’ instead of ‘knowing Him’. This represents a major difference because ‘knowing Him’ personally translates into hearing His voice and being led by the Holy Spirit. And that leading is what defines the Christian and separates him from the world. If we cannot answer the question, “What has the Lord told us today or this week?’, then something is wrong because Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.”

We like to listen to good speakers of Bible truth or to a dynamic testimony of how God delivered one from sin but for some reason we are afraid to hear from God Himself. It’s become a matter of entertainment rather than a spiritual search. Perhaps, we are afraid we will be obligated to obey and do something we don’t want to do or maybe we will have to face the consequences of what we have done and know was wrong. Either way we find it easier to listen to a preacher or priest rather than God. For then we can say, “That’s your opinion, mine is different.” Knowing His voice is not simply reading the rules out of a book; It’s not attending seminars to learn more ‘about’ Him, it’s living and breathing and having our being with Him. It’s praying, communing and meditating with Him each day and knowing, beyond any doubt, His voice.

Apart from anyone else or any other influence, what has the Lord said to you today? When one experience the voice of God he will never be the same again, for it is the most exciting, sometimes surprising and always power filled life there is. The benefit are answered prayer, peace and joy and the true seeker will find that he lives, in anticipation, to see what the Lord will do next.

All the way my Saviour leads me,
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt His tender mercy,
Who through life has been my guide? (All the Way My Saviour Leads Me)