The fact that we are our brother’s keeper goes far beyond just having the choice to help our brother when he is in need. Paul said in his letter to the Romans that “None of us liveth to himself”. Everything that we do has an effect on those around us, be it negative or positive. Further, there are no secrets, everything we do is or will be known by all. It was once pointed out to me that if we were standing on a planet that was 500 light years away from earth, we would just now be seeing Columbus discover America. All things will be known, sooner or later. If we harbor what we think is a secret sin, it may not be known in a physical sense now but spiritually it immediately affects those around us. If we have a sour attitude, are selfish, careless, insensitive, or spiritually weak in any way it affects everyone. Contrariwise, if we carry a positive and uplifting Christian attitude it is a blessing and encouragement. This is our responsibility to witness as a Christian and although we often don’t realize it, our attitude is a far more powerful drawing than the words we say.

As Christians, how many are willing to divert our thinking away from ourselves and think on those things that are ‘true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report’ (Phil. 4: 8) and then project those virtues to all around us? The answer to the question ‘why we are on this earth?’ lies here… Oh yes, we are our brothers keeper all day, every day whether we like it or not. And to think that we are such slow learners; many of us have spent years in self pity, self effort and radiated a poor attitude as we indulge in the pursuit of our own goals.

There is not one account of Jesus pursuing a selfish objective during His life on earth and, in fact, He gave His life for man. What a relatively small responsibility we have as His followers to help and encourage our brother and be a witness for Christ. These thoughts are what separates Christianity from all other religions on earth. Paul summed it all up in Galatians 6: 2 by saying, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ”.

Let us ever love each other,
With a heart that’s warm and true,
Ever doing to our brother,
As to us we’d have him do.

Kind and loving to each other,
Gentle words to all we meet-
Thus we follow Christ our saviour,
Proving all His service sweet. (Love Each Other)