In Matthew chapter 21 Jesus is being questioned by the Pharisees. He had just healed blind and lame persons that came to the temple and the religious leaders authority was being challenged. They wanted to arrest Him but were fearful of the people who considered Him a prophet. After a discussion with them Jesus told the Pharisees a parable.
There was a certain man who owned a vineyard but he lived in a far country. So he rented the vineyard to farmers and when it came harvest time he sent his servants to collect his share of the crop. But the farmers beat and killed the servants. Then the land owner sent more servants to try to collect but the results were the same. Finally, he sent his son and and the farmers killed him. Jesus then asked the Pharisees what should be done to those farmers. There response was quick and they said that the wicked men should suffer a horrible death and the vineyard given to others. When Jesus replied they realized that He was talking about them for they had killed the prophets of old and would soon kill Him. They were the wicked farmers. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation that will produce the proper fruit.”

When it comes to the future of the nation of Israel there are different thoughts and interpretations of different Scriptures, however, this Prophesy by Jesus concerning the future of the nation of Israel is clear and there is not much room for misunderstanding. It foretells of the crucifixion of the Lord and the termination of Israel as His people, perhaps in 70 AD. It brings into question the overwhelming focus of Christians on the events taking place in Israel today when it may be that the focus should be on the true believers around the world and the Kingdom of God that He established while on earth. If we believe this passage and embrace it, it will change our entire outlook on future events. It is something we must consider!

Living He loved me; dying He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away;
Rising He justified freely forever;
One day He’s coming- Oh glorious day. (One Day)