It has been known by true believers from the time of Christ and the apostles that the world spends its time searching for freedom while those of faith search for truth. For the Christian that freedom only comes after there is a knowledge of TRUTH ~ “know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. It is the principle of living that separates Christians from the world. The result of this clear delineation resulted in much persecution for the faithful during the dark and middle ages and even till today. The problem, however, is that this misconception has, ever so slowly, subtly, and imperceivably crept into the mindset of the church and individual Christians that it cannot be clearly seen today. While the world seeks for freedom in the areas of gay lifestyles, right to abortion, minority rights, right to die, and many others, the Christian community ~ although somewhat behind the world in this decline ~ nevertheless follows in this deception in areas of social practices, sexuality, love of money, dress and adornment of men and women, fast pace lifestyles, borrowing and business practices, forms of entertainment, alcohol and other areas of the ‘pride of life’. It is even becoming evident that some in the Christian community have begun to accept the gross deceptions of the world in the area of gay rights and abortion, which, of course, is the goal of the evil one. Finally, in his lukewarm, nominal state, the Christian is rendered useless in his service to the Lord and even further becomes a stumbling block to those who need the truth.

So what are the specific answers for Christians today? Well, it is for sure that just making more rules is not the way to go ~ the Pharisees tried that. A change of heart is what is needed for it causes the person to desire the Lord and truth above all else. We must all, individually, ask ourselves some hard questions: ‘Do we borrow too much money?’ (borrowing is simply saying that Lord, you didn’t provide enough so I am going to borrow more to maintain this lifestyle); do we employ deceptive sales practices in our business? (claiming that it is necessary to be competitive in the market today) Perhaps we don’t even need to be in that line of work. Do we spend time following major league sports, listening to seductive music, watching TV programs and playing video games that at best are a waste of time? In short, are we serving the “great god entertainment” that A. W. Tozer wrote of in the 1950s? For the women, are we dressing to expose our bodies and wearing makeup and jewelry to seduce the opposite sex or are we using the principle of ‘simplicity and modesty’ as outlined in Scripture? Are we reaching out to those in need or are we simply sending money because we have it and it is easier than becoming involved? How about the abused and neglected children that need homes all across America ~ Are we willing to take a chance and bring them into our homes or is it easier to just pray for them in the hope that the Lord will help? Have we as Christians become confused about the roles of men and women in the family and have we gone so far down that we, like the world, think in terms of unisex, that men and women have the same responsibilities to the home and family? The deception that Christians have fallen into goes on and on.

But don’t misunderstand, there are individual Christians today that are doing all they can to live and serve the Lord as they should. But Christianity, in the main, has lost its first love and is living ‘form only’ lacking the power of God in their lives. There are stern warnings in Scripture for those who are not doers of the Word!